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University of Colorado tries new plan to keep research money flowing

"We’re actually doing something, and the potential is enormous. It’s a way to differentiate ourselves from other universities nationally."

Purdue foundation’s website helps entrepreneurs commercialize Purdue’s innovations

The Purdue Research Foundation has launched a website called "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" that offers a how-to approach to help entrepreneurs, investors, collaborators and others find information about commercializing Purdue innovations.

Bayh-Dole Technology Transfer Act – Universities Love It, But It Needs To Change

"The Bayh-Dole Act has had such far-reaching influence in both academia and American society, but it certainly is not a law that should be set in stone."

Crossing the chasm: How UW-Madison can be more open for business

"In 1992, starting a UW spinoff was like pulling teeth," Mackie said, but the culture has changed enough over time that most faculty – especially younger members – recognize how technology transfer meshes with the mission of a modern research university.

The Office of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer

They plan to create "venture incubator" positions to support new business ventures, as well as roles that will oversee the creation of the office’s long-term programs.

Universities Drive Innovation As Business Incubators

The private sector may help entrepreneurs launch businesses in myriad ways, but today the academic sector is where things are getting really interesting for startups, spinouts and spin-offs.

Ready-to-sign license speeds up Sandia tech transfer

Sandia National Laboratories is building a portfolio of intellectual property that can be licensed by businesses in as little as an hour.

Initial public offering nets U-M pharmaceutical spinoff more than $80 million

"Their IPO is a tremendous accomplishment, and we’re looking forward to seeing the drugs reach the market for the benefit of cancer patients worldwide."

What’s driving University of Washington’s new business boom?

“In previous years, the survival rates of these UW start-ups was roughly 50-50,” Holt said. “Now it’s closer to 80 percent surviving. Not only are we getting more start-ups going now, but we’re launching ones that will last, and have a greater chance of success.”

Top 3 eye-catching inventions from U of M student entrepreneurs – Event To Spotlight UM Research Efforts, 11/1, University Of Montana

There are stories of famous entrepreneurs who never finished college – Bill Gates and Michael Dell come to mind – but the University of Michigan is banking that today students starting companies will want to stay in school if given the right resources.