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Developing Funding Opportunities in Montana

Early stage investing in startups is essential

Once a company makes it through proof of concept, it needs much larger capital rounds to scale and grow geographically, as well as across new product lines and market segments.


Bozeman venture capital firm Homestake Partners eyes Missoula for growth, investment opportunities with addition of Andy Gordon

Homestake Partners is focused on what its founders see as the state’s "backbone" businesses, be it the local hardware store or the new corner market.


The Cornell eLab: To nurture job growth, U.S. universities seed start-ups

"Being able to get actual college credit for going through an incubator program was really important," Jameson said. "I didn’t have to make a compromise."


Invest In Montana – 4/10 – Missoula

The purpose is to create a dialogue with business leaders, economic development organizations, business incubators, and community leaders to promote investment in Montana and support businesses as they start up and/or grow their existing operations.


Venture capital firm Next Frontier Capital opens Missoula office as state’s tech businesses hire rapidly

Investors are starting to see gold in the Treasure State’s hot tech scene, and Missoula is playing an ever-increasing role.


Heartland Tech Weekly: The Midwest offers more than just an escape from Silicon Valley

If you really want to get venture capitalists to invest in the Midwest, it will take more than a three-day trip. But, how else do you get venture capitalists to give Midwest investments a chance?


Frontier Angels Back 4 More Emerging Technology Companies

On the local front, we are meeting with dozens of Montana-based technology companies and providing advice and support to help them accelerate their growth path.


Montana’s Frontier Angels looks to change state policy to encourage investors, tech startups. Are you Looking to join Frontier Angels?

Montana has fallen behind other states in the region in its support for technology startups, though one group of angel investors is looking to grow its network in hopes of influencing state policy to close the gap.


From Bezos to Walton, Big Investors Back Fund for ‘Flyover’ Start-Ups

For the past several months, there has been a torrent of press around how Mr. Case and Mr. Vance have teamed to try to revive entrepreneurship in what elites often derisively refer to as the so-called flyover states.


Investment group Frontier Angels announces expansion amid venture capital growth in Montana

The group’s investment focus will be on technology-based companies, from traditional software ventures to biotech and the energy sector.


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