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Developing Funding Opportunities in Montana

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Early Stage Montana – Weeklong event held at MSU aims to help strengthen technology companies across Montana

“One of the best indicators of the success of a young business is the quality of the mentorship that they surround themselves with,” said Pat LaPointe, Early Stage Montana board chairman and managing director of...

How Early-Stage VCs Decide Where to Invest

In an investing world glamorized by Shark Tank, Silicon Valley, and “unicorns,” simple, straightforward communication about what drives VC decisions is rare.

Pat LaPointe, Managing Director of Frontier Angels, Director of Early Stage Montana, and Montana Resident Elected to Board of Directors of Angel Capital Association

“I am delighted to have a chance to serve the community of hundreds of thousands of angel investors nationwide, as well as those in my home state of Montana.

Being laughed out of Silicon Valley, because I was from Montana, was the best thing to happen to my startup

At the time, the feedback was humbling, but I decided to grow my company here in Bozeman, as I saw Montana not as a liability, but as an asset.

Next Frontier Capital Announces Successful Final Close of Fund II with $38m in LP Commitments

With 12 Investments to Date, NFC is Making it Possible for Montana Founders to Build, Fund, and Scale Industry Leading Companies that are Competing on a National Stage

Happy Birthday! – 8 Years Since the Corporate Birth of Missoula, Montana’s Submittable

I didn’t expect to become his friend, because, really, friends are rare. As are exceptional companies. Fitzgerald and Submittable are two rare exceptions in this roiling sea of fools and deceivers.

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Small Business Administration opens new satellite office in Billings

“Reinforcing this partnership with working out of the same offices, we’re going to have more synergy we’re going to have more shared opportunities that come through the door,” said Robison. 

Podcast – How Pat LaPointe Helps Montana’s Early-Stage Tech Companies Grow – Early Stage MT – 2019 Billings Regional Showcase -5/14

Can Do: Lessons from Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs, angel funder Pat LaPointe drills into the details of accelerating the growth of early-stage tech companies in Montana, and why it matters.

Missoula, Montana’s Goodworks Ventures launches Evergreen to retain small businesses

Goodworks Ventures of Missoula has quietly launched a new effort to purchase stable, profitable companies and help them grow under new leadership.

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Got capital gains? Butte entrepreneurs organize Thursday-night Opportunity Zone presentation

Sarah Borduin has a message for locals wanting to learn about the federal government’s Opportunity Zone program: don’t let the financial jargon scare you away.

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