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Developing Funding Opportunities in Montana

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How to build an investor pipeline and raise a Seed round — a step-by-step guide

It’s a crazy process, but I truly believe that as of this writing there has never been a better time to raise a Seed round as a founder.

Scott Meacham: Tech financing program primes the pump for Oklahoma entrepreneurs

“Prime the pump” is what i2E’s Technology Business Finance Program is all about.

You can help fund Front Street Fungi – a mushroom farm located in Missoula, MT

Front Street Fungi is a mushroom farm located in Missoula, MT that focuses on the sustainable cultivation of gourmet and medicinal mushroom products for the state of Montana.

Missoula SOUP micro-grants bring small businesses to life

Missoula SOUP held its first micro-granting dinner last week, where diners could select one of four business ideas – pitched by their developers – to win startup funds raised via cash donations at the door.

One Way to Finance Tech Startups Outside of Superstar Cities

“The bonds would be de-risked by creating a diversified fund and by local and regional governments’ guaranteeing returns for the first few years.”

This new private network for women execs looks to replicate the old boys’ club

Can “executive coaching on steroids” affect gender parity? This newly launched network wants to promote female leadership, starting at the very top.

Early stage investing in startups is essential

Once a company makes it through proof of concept, it needs much larger capital rounds to scale and grow geographically, as well as across new product lines and market segments.

Bozeman venture capital firm Homestake Partners eyes Missoula for growth, investment opportunities with addition of Andy Gordon

Homestake Partners is focused on what its founders see as the state’s "backbone" businesses, be it the local hardware store or the new corner market.

The Cornell eLab: To nurture job growth, U.S. universities seed start-ups

"Being able to get actual college credit for going through an incubator program was really important," Jameson said. "I didn’t have to make a compromise."

Invest In Montana – 4/10 – Missoula

The purpose is to create a dialogue with business leaders, economic development organizations, business incubators, and community leaders to promote investment in Montana and support businesses as they start up and/or grow their existing operations.

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