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200+ Leaders From Rural U.S. Communities To Gather in Missoula, Montana To Rewrite The Rural Organizing Playbook – June 4-7

United Today, Stronger Tomorrow is a nonprofit organization that identifies opportunities to create and/or strengthen on-the-ground organizing and build power that can be used to directly improve the lives of Americans.

Housing has become so expensive that college graduates are leaving the coasts and moving inland.

Over the past few years — as remote work became more common — the list of regions losing college-educated workers has grown to include San Francisco and Washington.

Google Is Rolling Out Password-Killing Tech to All Accounts

The tech industry’s transition to passkeys gets its first massive boost with the launch of the alternative login scheme for Google’s billions of users.

Where to Find Remote Work Now: 250 Million Job Postings Paint a Complex Picture

While many companies let employees work remotely during the height of COVID-19, conditions have since become more nuanced, according to research by Raffaella Sadun and colleagues. What do these shifts mean for talent managers?

Livingston, Montana’s Printing for Less Rated One Of the Best Places to Get Business Cards

Printing for Less is a top choice for premium business cards. With templates and custom design options, eco-friendly printing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the supplier offers high-quality cards.

Rural Main Street Program Says Revitalization Starts at Home

Main Street America is launching an initiative for small towns. One goal is to move from simply recruiting businesses to incubating the business ideas that arise locally.

Emotional Intelligence in the Age of AI – Daniel Goleman

If you are ready to start or deepen your work in emotional intelligence, you can learn more here. 

College To Start a Rural-Based, Globally-Minded Internship Program

Culver-Stockton College partners with Tri-State Development to teach students how to create economic development in rural parts of the U.S. and beyond. The program focuses on retaining talent in rural parts of the country.

Better To Build A Culture Of Collaboration Than Insist On Return To Office

Why Do Bosses Try To Get Workers Back To The Office? They Don’t Know How To Build A Culture Of Remote Collaboration

The Cheapest States to Start a Business – Montana #4

It costs money to launch a business, and entrepreneurs need every edge they can get. These are the states with the lowest costs associated with starting and running an LLC.