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Montana’s Small-Town Tranquility

If you crave peace and quiet, where you can hear the birds as easily as the occasional car, then a small town in Montana should be your destination.

Navigating the AI Revolution: The Global Battle for Tech Supremacy

“‘We don’t see AI replacing humans but humans who use AI potentially replacing people who don’t,’ said Lisa Heneghan, KPMG’s Global Chief Digital Officer.”

5 ChatGPT Prompts For A Winner’s Mindset (Make Success Inevitable)

Adopt a winning mindset and business is your playground. ChatGPT can help. Get a sense of unwavering confidence that gives you a new aura, and handle rejection better than ever before.

BIG SKY PASSENGER RAIL AUTHORITY 2024 ANNUAL CONFERENCE Revitalizing Communities & Building Sustainable Economies – 6/6-7 – Missoula and Online

Conference meetings will be at the Missoula Public Library. Attendance is free, but meals must be purchased. Live-streaming services will be provided.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do – 6/4 – Zoom

Discover Why You (& Other Business Professionals) Hold Onto Projects, People, And Partnerships Longer Than You Should.

Does your company us AI to screen and evaluate resumes? See how they can help you even if you’re not a business owner

If you’re using it now, do you think it’s contributing to better hiring? How?

Guy Kawasadi and Maureen Dunne: Unlocking the Power of Neurodivergent Talent

In this episode, we dive into Maureen’s groundbreaking book, The Neurodiversity Edge, which presents a framework for embracing the strengths of individuals with autism, ADHD, and dyslexia. Maureen challenges the status quo, pushing organizations to look beyond the deficit-based perspective and recognize the vast potential of neurodivergent minds.

French woman finds job by strapping CV to back – and going for a run

With just one run, her novel marketing strategy was seen 250,000 times on social media, been the subject of news articles and resulted in ten interviews

The biggest culture shocks for Americans in France

“In America we tend to have the mentality that we live to work, everything in your life is centred around working and advancing your career. In France it’s the opposite: you work to live, so you go to your job but only so you can fully enjoy the time that is not spent at work.”

AI is leading to the ‘revenge of the liberal arts,’ says a Goldman tech exec with a history degree

The history major turned tech banker said AI enhances skills like critical thinking, creativity, and logic.