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We want to know about your remote work experience – Mission West Community Development

We value your comments, thoughts, and ideas and appreciate how you help us make better decisions and design better projects. You can help us improve by contributing your ideas and asking questions about our projects. We’re excited to hear from you!

What Remote Work Could Mean for City Land Use

Leading up to COVID-19, cities were rapidly building dense housing near commuter transit. Remote work is likely to force them to shift to promoting shared workspaces, broadband access, and more competitive tax rates.

To the class of 2022: It’s a great job market. You’ve got this.

Employers need you more than ever, but some of the old advice for new workers still applies.

What’s the Latest on Cyber Talent and Staffing Shortages? Cyber STEM Summer Camps for Middle School Students in Montana

The topic of cyber staffing shortages is a hot issue that has grown hotter during the pandemic. So what are some of the latest trends, newer perspectives and opportunities available?

“We Were Hiring”

Concerns about an economic slowdown, fueled by factors including inflation and a declining stock market, are starting to be felt by individual tech job seekers as some companies start to put the brakes on their employment growth. In some cases, companies are rescinding job offers after they’ve been signed, creating a difficult situation for people who had cancelled interviews or turned down competing offers.

What does emotional intelligence mean for teams?

Teams can improve their emotional intelligence by being open about discomfort and encouraging direct communication and collaboration, writes Evan Watkins about research conducted by TalentSmartEQ. “Acknowledge that emotions are real and make an active effort to work with them, not against them,” Watkins writes.

Adidas’s jaw-dropping new office sets an audacious standard for the future of work

New graphic-rich offices for the apparel giant were influenced by everything from shoes to stadiums.

Training for Remote Job Opportunities – June 6-10 – Helena, Montana

We are very excited about this opportunity and thank MBAC, MDLI and others for moving this model forward with the session scheduled for Helena.  The general goal is to offer this program along with the MSU Remote Work Certification throughout Montana.  

This Ex-Banker Gives New Hires Two Weeks Off Before They Even Start Their Jobs

Hospitality tech startup SevenRooms has a program to inoculate against burnout.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky on What Companies Are Getting Wrong About Hybrid Work

Chesky thinks there’s a better version of hybrid work, and he has the data to back it up.

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