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Why Tech Workers Are Ditching Big Cities for Boise

Idaho’s capital city is seeing an influx of young people as they apply for tech jobs away from big coastal cities amid massive layoffs and a disillusion with Big Tech.

Montana begins broadband challenge process – 1/26 – Webinar

Montanans may take the speed test and survey as many times and in as many locations as they’d like at 

Montana State awarded grant to boost high-performance computing capacity

The upgrade will roughly double current computation capacity and increase computing performance for some workloads tenfold, he said. 

“The donut effect” is reshaping America’s cities

The most pronounced dynamic shaping U.S. cities heading into 2024 is “the donut effect” — a hollowing of the urban core as people, jobs and retailers flee to the suburbs and exurbs.

Thousands of U.S. Cities Could Become Virtual Ghost Towns by 2100

These projected findings about depopulation in U.S. cities are shaped by a multitude of factors, including the decline of industry, lower birth rates and the impacts of climate change

Montana college grads likely to earn more than average resident less than 5 years after graduation

Newly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that a vigorous investment in workforce training might be a good bet for colleges looking to remain relevant in a changing economy and for students eager to grow employment and earning potential over time.

Class action lawsuit claims Montana discriminates against out-of-state financial advisers

Law passed in 2019 has collected more than $25 million, lawsuit claims

Current best practices for resume writing

So new year, new you, new job? If you’re feeling like it’s time for a professional change, one of the first things you’ll need to do is update your resume. Career coach Cynthia Pong says, you never know when the right job will come along, and you’ll want to send that resume over without delay.

What Workers Should Know About The Job Market In The New Year

Want to get your career back on track in 2024? U.S. economists break down three labor trends they expect for the year ahead.

City Club Missoula Video – Treasure State Taxes: Shedding Light on Montana’s Tax System (Best way to understand our current situation)

City Club Missoula’s August forum dove deep into Montana’s Taxation System. The forum featured current and former members of local and state government. The expert panel provided an overview of Montana’s multifaceted system, including tax codes and rates, collections, rebates, and burdens.