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Elon Musk says we need universal basic income because ‘in the future, physical work will be a choice’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is stepping behind the universal basic income movement because of the potential rise of robots — in fact, he’s working on one himself.

Looking for a New Job in Tech? It’s Your Lucky Day –  Career Opportunities in Montana – Come Home Montana

Flexible WFH policies, signing bonuses, fancy cookies—employers are turning on the charm to attract engineers and developers to their firms.

NBC Nightly News Video – “The Great Resignation” shifts workplace power – Bozeman, Montana’s Zoot Enterprises

NBC Video on the changing work environment and how Zoot is responding

Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price: Don’t Force Introverts Back Into the Office

The founder argued on LinkedIn that extrovert CEOs should respect the work habits of introverted employees.

Why Are So Many Knowledge Workers Quitting?

Many well-compensated but burnt-out knowledge workers have long felt that their internal ledger books were out of balance: they worked long hours, they made good money, they had lots of stuff, they were exhausted, and, above all, they saw no easy options for changing their circumstances.

This is one of the best ways to answer ‘What do you do?’

The point is to surprise the listener a bit with a “pattern interrupt.”

Despite 2020 gains, Bozeman tech companies struggle under housing crunch

Bozeman tech company Zoot Enterprises was hiring for 20 positions last week. Nearly all of them were at the software company’s Billings office.

“Billings has been one of our big expansion points,” said company president Tony Rosanova. “We’re leveraging that because of the cost of Bozeman. We’re hiring staff into Billings because the price of homes is lower.”

Free 2021 Northwest Economic Development Course – At Home Edition, v2.0 – 8/24-26 – 8 – 10 AM MST – Online

Join us online August 24-26 for three free, interactive and engaging sessions led by experts in their industries. Sign up, show up, and share experiences from your community!

Why lower salaries for remote workers is wrong

In yet another sign that even the most futuristic companies can’t find their asses from their earholes, Google (as well as Twitter and Facebook) are planning to cut pay to those working remotely, lowering salaries based on how far from the office you live.

Radically Rural: Rural Downtowns Are Ripe for Diversifying. Have you explored Montana’s Community Map?

Increasing numbers of local leaders believe that the future of small towns is wrapped in creating a diverse “interdependent agglomeration of private business entities, public-private business projects, social services, cultural attractors and public space.”