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Americans Are Migrating To Rural Counties

They are the places where you can still get something that feels like a good life, without the salary of a chief executive.

Tech jobs suffer lack of talent, panel says. Trouble ahead: Without an influx of highly skilled workers, some trades could grind to halt

"The conditions are ripe for a ‘perfect storm’ . . . an economic climate in which all of us [globally] are seeking to recruit" the next crop of highly skilled and educated workers,

Study: College grads needed – California at Risk Without More Educated Workers

If these businesses can’t find workers to fill these specialized, knowledge-based jobs, they’ll move away, the study warns.

Virginia accelerates telework program. 34 states have adopted telework programs

As in the federal government’s telework program, most state initiatives call on managers to designate employees who can work from home one or more days a week. But without rigorous guidelines or sanctions, reluctant managers tend to offer the option to only a handful of employees.

Census: Americans Are Fleeing Big Cities in Search of Cheaper Homes and Open Spaces Farther Out.

Maine, Rhode Island, Maryland and Wyoming, which lost population to other states in the 1990’s, have gained residents from elsewhere in the country since 2000.

Small Businesses Struggle to Offshore

"There are structural difficulties that prevent smaller companies from taking advantage of offshoring, and yet these are the companies that have the most to gain."

From bust to boom — with a catch. Study suggests skilled and innovative workers may defect to other communities because of the Bay Area’s (California) costly homes, creaky transportation infrastructure, and beleaguered public schools system.

"We’re doing well as a region, but there are risks," Wunderman said. "The high cost of living makes this a destination for a narrow group of companies and industries. We have to be able to continue to attract these innovative companies because every major region of the country and the world is also seeking these companies."

IT outsourcing according to Tom Koulopoulos

If you’re dedicating much of your IT to "keeping the lights on" types of activities that are commodity, you are probably not going to be innovating as quickly as you could have in those core areas.

The Only Shortage in IT Hiring Is Common Sense

The fact that there’s a shortage of IT workers and developers may come as a surprise to the tens of thousands of tech workers who have been laid off in recent years and now find themselves unemployed or underemployed.

Working from home is working. Employee desires, quicker Net fueling telecommuting

More than 30 years after the lifestyle began inching into corporate culture, there were almost 14 million Americans telecommuting at least part time in 2004, and an additional 7 million running businesses from home, according to the Labor Department. Human resources experts believe the number will continue to climb because more workers are demanding flexibility, and because high-speed Internet connections make telecommuting easier than ever.