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Global Telework

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Does Distributed Development Work?

Do you believe we’re entering the era of the "flat enterprise," where headquarter complexes will ultimately be replaced by webs of smaller branch offices? Or do you think the growth in branch offices is merely supplementing that in headquarters?

What’s The Real Cost of Your Offshore Operations?

To answer this requires us to look a lot deeper at the changing performance you get over time as dispersed teams get used to working together and the absolute difference in cost and productivity that occurs.

Outsourcing Is Climbing Skills Ladder

The report found that multinational corporations were global shoppers for talent. The companies want to nurture close links with leading universities in emerging markets to work with professors and to hire promising graduates.

‘Brain drain’ coming with wave of retirements

" ‘Will work for health benefits’ is important to older job-seekers, and so is the extra money to cover rising medical costs,"

Employers Step Up Efforts to Lure Stay-at-Home Moms Back to Work

Booz Allen Hamilton, Lehman Brothers, Deloitte & Touche and Merrill Lynch, among others, are working to lower the barriers with targeted recruitment, special retraining, mentoring, and new kinds of employment relationships designed to keep ex-employees tied to the firms.

Telecommuting and remote jobs benefit workers, help companies cut costs

Executives also say it helps them recruit and retain quality employees – such as educated, married 30-somethings who want a flexible job that allows them to stay home with their kids. The teleworker also might be a military wife or a retiree wanting extra cash.

Treasure Valley leaders in Idaho envision 5,000 new high-paying positions

VIP was created to help attract 5,000 new jobs to the area that pay about $35,000 a year. The new jobs are projected to add another 6,000 service industry jobs paying an average of $10 an hour, for a total annual payroll of $300 million.

Outsourcing is well worth the cost for many small businesses

When small companies outsource parts of their operations, owners and top executives find they can focus more on what really matters – building the business and serving clients and customers better.

Telecommute: What traffic? Workers with high-tech skills stay home, bypassing urban sprawl and being paid well, too.

"Telecommuting is probably consistent with the work and play [philosophy]," Flood said. "The quality of life goes up . . . if you provide different opportunities for your employees."

Call Centers Tap People For Work at Home

The development, driven by expanded broadband access to the Web, cheaper computer technology and improved call-routing systems, has opened the door to an entirely new group of at-home workers.


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