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To Help Local Economies, Utah Hires Rural, Remote State Workers

Utah’s government looks for ways to “streamline and modernize” its operations. One way to do it: allowing and encouraging remote work and tapping into rural talent.

Traffic Light Or Roundabout: What’s Your Work Like?

So which model is your organisation based on?

You may not be ready to lead a hybrid team. Here’s what to know

The founder of Working Simply says leaders must create a culture that supports and enables remote workers to be visible, engaged, and active contributors to the team.

Hiring in Great Falls? We’re here to help

You have the incredible task of growing great companies in Great Falls by finding talented people. Let us take a few things off your plate. The Great Falls Development Authority’s mission is to support your search for the best talent in Montana and across the nation. In fact, that’s why we built this website – to tell the story of Great Falls to talent. We help people find their people.

Technology Policy Institute Launches Broadband Map

The Technology Policy Institute launched a new broadband map intended to help policymakers and others make evidence-based decisions, including how to best implement, evaluate, and take advantage of new infrastructure programs.

AI-powered training platform helps businesses predict future skill gaps

By analyzing the skill set of current employees, the platform is able to map the knowledge, personal attributes and qualifications currently available to the company.   

5 questions emotionally intelligent leaders ask themselves every day

Emotionally intelligent leaders helm more motivated, happier workforces. And they do it by asking themselves these questions.

Employees are quitting, sometimes without other offers. What can companies do to retain staff?

For businesses looking to retain those workers, it will probably take more than simply raising wages to prevent a rush to the exits, according to a study released Wednesday by management consulting firm McKinsey & Co.

How one tech worker’s commute during the pandemic shifted from one city to more than a dozen states

Since being hired by Fast a year ago, Kobach and his wife, Courtney Gossage, have been city-hopping just about every month, taking advantage of remote work by staying with friends or in an Airbnb while crisscrossing the U.S. — heading west to California and looping back, passing through more than a dozen cities on the way back to their home in Atlanta.

How to Hire With a Vaccine Mandate in Place

Asking prospective employees about their vaccination status can be awkward–and possibly lead to legally sticky situations.