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Another ‘Great Retirement’ Wave Hits the US After Stocks Rally

A generation ago, one popular song implored workers to tell their bosses to “Take This Job and Shove It.” Judging from how many Americans are choosing retirement, millions are taking that advice.

Switching Careers, and Curricula, in Rural Montana

Montana has responded with aggressive efforts to attract more adult students to healthcare and other in-demand fields, from construction to manufacturing. Yet the obstacles to training students in rural areas like the Bitterroot Valley are many. 

Change the Conversation: Strong Towns are built incrementally

In this excerpt from “Where Did All the Small Developers Go,” housing expert Daniel Herriges describes why incremental development is so hard to do these days, and why we need to open the door to it once again for the sake of our cities.

Montana topped the country in wage growth for 2023

“Montana is growing; it’s growing in terms of output, in wages, in population. Exactly what’s driving it requires more refined analysis.”

‘People are suffering alone’: Bay Area county declares loneliness crisis – First in Nation

San Mateo County has become the first in the nation to declare loneliness a public health crisis, according to a county media advisory, through a resolution that its board of supervisors passed Tuesday.

Fear: Self-limiting your potential – By Will Price Will Price Partner at Next Frontier Capital

Often the limitations we face in life are not externally imposed. Too often, we self-sabotage with firmly held beliefs that we are not good at x, not worthy of being considered by y, and the potential to achieve is still born.

GFDA Top Ten for 1-28-24 – Great Falls is the 10th best city in the nation for retirement

1) Great Falls is the 10th best city in the nation for retirement and the only city in Montana ranked in the top 50 according to an in depth ranking by Consumer Affairs!

Science Says Using This 4-Word Phrase Instead of ‘Thank You’ Will Make You a Better Leader

It will also improve work relationships and help workers become more productive.

The end of workplace loyalty

Why work feels so broken right now — and how it can be repaired

Backlash Emerges Over New Independent Contractor Rule

The Labor Department’s new rule aims to curb worker misclassification. Some argue that it’ll throttle businesses hiring gig workers.