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Everything we know about work is wrong and the pandemic proved it

Business leaders have falsely blamed the crisis on generous pandemic unemployment benefits, arguing that they’re a disincentive to return to the labor force. Study after study has proven this is not the case.  Instead, more seismic forces are at work.

Butte Public Library offering ethical hacking classes to teens

There’s a battle brewing in the computers of the Butte Public Library. It’s up to your teens to stop the hackers by becoming hackers.

CBS Sunday Morning – Help Wanted: The new sign of the times – Two anchors of COVID safety net ending, affecting millions

While customers are back in restaurants and businesses around the country, many employees are not, creating job openings on this Labor Day weekend that few expected.

Great Falls Development Authority asking families and individuals to help promote the city

The GFDA wants to interview families or individuals who either moved back to Great Falls or relocated to the city within the last two years.

The Pandemic Led Many Women to Rethink Work. Here’s What They Want Most From Employers

Paid-time off has become less of a necessary benefit for women, but it’s still in the top three.

This is the optimal number of hours you should work every day

There’s plenty of evidence that putting in more hours doesn’t necessarily equate to higher productivity.

The 8-Hour Workday Is a Counterproductive Lie 

What was once a socialist dream has become every knowledge worker’s nightmare. It’s time to unmake the modern myth of productivity.

Protecting Your Mental Health at Work

As many Americans head back into the office this fall, businesses can help mitigate that effect by adopting a “trauma-informed management strategy” that recognizes the extraordinary stresses of the last 18 months

How to find and keep your best employees – and surefire ways to lose them

I saw a shocking statistic the other day: one-third of millennials plan to quit their job once the COVID pandemic is no longer an issue.

Montana’s post-pandemic economy is robust, says UM economist

Zoot Enterprises is now working with high school and middle schools in an attempt to reach students sooner and get them thinking about tech careers and showing them they can do it and stay in Montana. 

“We need more talent,” Follett said.