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The Boring Benefits Your Employees Really Want – Free snacks at the office are out–pet insurance is in.

One solution? Voluntary benefits.

Helena-based The Virago Collaborative co-working space aims to help women succeed

“It’s tailored to women and women’s needs, but men are welcomed to join as well,” said one of the five owners Mercedes Bawden.

Are You Ready for the Hybrid Workplace?

“It’s going to be complicated to manage, but at the same time there are benefits that are probably pretty substantial,” she said. “Ideally, you’ll get some of the benefits of traditional co-located work, and you’ll also get some of the benefits, which we now know to be more substantial than we’d realized, of remote working.”

Montana ranked #1 in starting a small business by The Motley Fool

Location matters more than you think and you need to keep in mind taxes, consumer spending, the number of new businesses, survival rate and even the climate. 

This company started giving Mondays off and saw productivity and profits improve

Forget Summer Fridays. Mike Melillo, CEO of the Wanderlust Group, decided to try giving employees Mondays off.

The Plight of the Remote Workers Who Live Alone

Employees who live alone believe colleagues with families have received special attention during Covid-19. Managers should take some simple steps to fix that.

After 19 Years in Hawaii, They Were Missing Something: Winter

With their daughter leaving for college, a couple began planning a new life — and a new house — in Idaho, where they could enjoy the cold.

Flathead Valley, Montana Opportunity Fair aims to address staffing shortage

As “Help Wanted” signs spring up everywhere in the Flathead, organizers of the first-ever Workforce Flathead Opportunity Fair next month hope the venue will lead to results for employers desperate for workers.

11 Lessons for Entrepreneurs From Jeff Bezos’s Tremendous Success

As the Amazon founder exits the CEO role, he leaves his successor a set of rules that might be helpful to any entrepreneur bent on conquering the known universe.

Where Americans Are Moving — and Why They Really Are Doing It

It’s true that some cities have been losing population, but it’s not because of a mass exodus to escape the coronavirus. Don’t look for a lot of moving vans heading from Brooklyn to Mayberry.