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MSU students paired with local nonprofit boards

Created and developed by Carmen McSpadden, MSU Leadership Institute director and staff, Boardroom Bobcats was launched in 2016 with the support from a $5,000 seed grant from MSU’s Outreach and Engagement Council.

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Leadership Montana celebrates 15 years of building a better Montana

Leadership Montana exists to develop leaders committed to building a better Montana through knowledge, collaboration and civility.

Who Would You Nominate? Nominating Women in Government for the Leadership Program

Governing magazine and the Governing Institute are seeking 25 outstanding elected women officials in state or local government for a year-long fellowship program.

Want Happier Employees? Research Surprisingly Found That You Should Treat Them Like This

It will require drastically shifting that worldview, both as employees aspiring to find better and healthier work environments and bosses reimagining a new way of leading.

How This Leadership Researcher Became the Secret Weapon for Oprah, Pixar, IBM, and Melinda Gates

An Oprah-endorsed leadership consultant to the likes of Pixar, IBM, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Brown, 52, is extremely well known in some circles.

How Catalyst Leaders Lift Teams to Excellence

"When team-focused individuals put the team’s goals above their own, those teams perform more effectively and much better."

MSU Leadership Institute To Host Astronaut Scott Kelly On April 4 At MSU

Kelly, who is also a bestselling author, is expected to discuss his space travel experiences, share lessons on leadership, reflect on his commitment to discovery and tell stories of perseverance.

When the dean of Harvard Business School meets someone who wants to go to HBS, he asks them a simple question

To be sure, grades are important, but there’s something else even more so.

15 Traits That Set Influential People Apart – Influential leaders spark change for the better.

Becoming an influential leader has nothing to do with titles and everything to do with gaining the admiration, confidence and trust of those around you.

5 key skills to building young leaders from business owners and coaches

Good coaches, like good teachers, are mentors.

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