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What a Coronavirus Recovery Could Look Like – We should set new goals

“We’re going to get a whole new generation of infrastructure because of this pandemic, and we have to do it better than last generation.”

Montgomery Distillery to produce hand sanitizer for 1st responders

“The main ingredient of hand sanitizer is alcohol and that’s what we make for a living,” said Montgomery. “

Ronan CBD manufacturer Green Ridge Biosolutions producing in-demand hand sanitizer

Using products they already have on hand, the company is selling the in-demand hand cleaner at an affordable price and has also provided bottles for free to local stores and agencies in need.

Senator Tester Introduces Bill to Provide Debt Relief to Montana Small Businesses and Lenders

Senator’s legislation would support businesses and development organizations by covering the principle, interest, and fees on all SBA loans for 6 months

8 Personal Strategies For Winning With Relationships

I’m convinced that the following personal strategies are required and practiced by every successful business leader.

Message from University of Montana President Seth Bodnar – What should a flagship for America’s future look like?

Over the course of this spring, I invite you to join me in thinking collectively about the attributes that will define the UM of tomorrow.

MSU Leadership Institute students serve on local nonprofit boards through Boardroom Bobcat program

Eight Montana State University students are serving on local nonprofit boards as part of the MSU Leadership Institute’s Boardroom Bobcat program.

Montana State prez criticizes policy flip-flop boosting University of Montana

While Cruzado did not call out the Missoula flagship by name, UM President Seth Bodnar recognized the policy she was criticizing was set up to help his campus through its efforts to bounce back, and he offered a rebuttal in his own comments.

MT Lowdown Podcast – Democratic candidate for governor Whitney Williams

“Forty percent of Montanans say they choose between putting food on the table and filling a prescription,” Williams said. “Montanans are, I think, fed up with this idea that the federal government is going to solve this problem for us, because they’re not.”

Leadership Montana -The Leading Edge, February 2020

Leadership Montana recently brought together two groups on opposite sides of a polarizing issue for a robust discussion.