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TED Talk – 7 beliefs that can silence women — and how to unlearn them

Being “dismissed” in various inadvertent ways, is so common, most of us don’t notice it. The common “manspeaking” by some men to many women is just one form of this. Share it!

Hellgate Venture Network – August 18, 4.30pm Syann Stevens TAP Missoula

TAP Missoula strives to decentralize larger social media networks. Our eventual franchise will bring local control and ownership to the communities social media directly impacts.

New fire inspection software for the City of Helena

The new program, which was launched on July 26, will help create more transparency and safer conditions for the City of Helena.

Homelessness task force brings together city, county leaders to discuss solutions for Bozeman homeless

Grenier says increasing the housing supply with funding from the community impact fund, created in June, and providing space at their new Community Commons campus currently under construction will help ease homelessness.

University of Montana Leads $10M Project to Advance Native American STEM Education Across the West

UM will receive $1.8 million of the total award to build a network for developing and disseminating science, technology, engineering and math educational resources, as well as implementing longitudinal programming, mentorship and teacher preparation in support of AI/AN student success.

Welcome to The Next Frontier Capital’s Summer 2022 Newsletter

Our firm continues to grow and mature. We take pride in being a local provider of capital to Rockies based founders building technology companies of impact, utility, and value and if you know founders we should meet, put us in touch. And remember, in the face of a lot of gloomy news, there is a lot to be excited about in the Rocky Mountain technology ecosystem!

Lamb, Tranel and Zinke square off in City Club Missoula Forum as Montana’s District 1 Congressional race heats up

The opening question set a fiery tone to the debate.

Program helps provide funding for internet access in Montana’s rural areas

“Internet is the electricity of the 21st century. We just have to have it,” said Kathleen Williams, Montana USDA Rural Development director.

Montana West Economic Development – August Business Bulletin

New job opportunities posted on the MWED Job Board:

Made in Montana Monthly August 2022

If it’s produced in Montana, it’s produced with pride.