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TechLink helps the Department of Defense to commercialize leading-edge new technology by partnering DoD labs with private sector companies for technology licensing, transfer, and research and development

Weekly tech roundup: cybersecurity technology available for licensing

This week’s tech roundup features cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies that data security businesses can license the patent rights, further develop, and sell in commercial markets.

TechLink Weekly tech roundup: technology manager top picks for June 2019

All of them are opportunities for your business to license the patent and bring the invention to the commercial market.

Entrepreneurs don’t have to be inventors, here’s why – Start, run, and grow your business by leveraging government R&D

We call them licensees.

Introducing the Army’s CUBE | TechLink Pulse

I’m starting this month’s edition of the Pulse by putting the spotlight on the Air Force Research Laboratory

TechLink Weekly tech roundup: green technology available for licensing

TechLink can help you navigate the licensing process at no cost to you.

TechLink – Telehealth startup licenses high-tech patient monitoring app from US Air Force

Remote Health Solutions, a Virginia-based health tech company, has licensed the U.S. Air Force’s BATDOK™ application for mobile patient monitoring and wireless transfers.

TechLink – US Army has $2 million in cash prizes for small businesses with ‘disruptive’ ideas

xTechSearch is the U.S. Army’s latest initiative to uncover novel science and technology solutions by engaging with small businesses and nontraditional partners.

Navy invents groundbreaking technology for next-gen screens | TechLink Pulse

Navy scientists developed and patented a groundbreaking technology that could give smartphone and television screens flexible, stretchable, and shatterproof properties. Interested? Read the featured story:

TechLink – Few entrepreneurs know how to obtain government inventions. But those that do are finding success.

Go check this business ideas database right now. You might be surprised to see how many inventions are available

TechLink – Weekly tech roundup: robot edition

Each is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses to license, develop, and bring novel technology to the robotics industry.

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