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TechLink helps the Department of Defense to commercialize leading-edge new technology by partnering DoD labs with private sector companies for technology licensing, transfer, and research and development

How ecosystem mapping can aid your region – May 21, 2024, 1:00 p.m. MDT – Online

In this TBED Community of Practice webinar, experts from EcoMap and SourceLink will demonstrate how they approach developing ecosystem maps tailored to your region, as well as strategies to keep these tools up-to-date and seamlessly incorporated into your daily operations. This webinar will provide the actionable insights needed to integrate ecosystem mapping into your organization’s strategic toolkit.

TechLink – R&D Innovation Performance Study: Here’s How to Jumpstart Your Materials Innovation

In our R&D Innovation Performance series, we’re digging deep into innovation opportunities and pitfalls across industries to help you improve your R&D efforts.

TechLink – Spring Into These Technology Opportunities – Navy Breakthrough Makes Artificial Muscles a Reality and More…

You’re facing challenges in your business, too. Using the right tools can help you power through them. The good news is you have the benefits of a great team on your side, as researchers from the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs are developing innovative technology with uses far and wide across industries. We’re here to help you connect with the perfect fit — at no additional cost to you — by licensing these technologies for your company.  

The Khan Academy – AI for education – How will AI shape the future of education?

Let Khan Academy and our partners—including, Common Sense Education, aiEDU, and Professors Ethan and Lilach Mollick—be your trusted partners as we navigate this exciting learning journey together! What is generative AI and how does it work? What are some best practices for teaching and learning with generative AI? This course-in-progress answers those questions and many more. Welcome!

TechLink February Pulse – Can You Feel the Love?

See this month’s top licensing opportunities from DOD and VA labs.

TechLink’s Definitive Guide to Technology Transfer

How to work with TechLink to commercialize technology developed in federal laboratories

BREAKING: Following Tester Push, Montana Receives Regional Tech Hub Designation

“Innovation can happen in any corner of America, which is why I’ve led the push to bring a Regional Tech Hub to Montana,” said Tester. “Today’s designation affirms what Montanans across our state already know to be true: there is untapped potential in rural America, and the Treasure State is ready to lead the nation in strengthening American security through domestic manufacturing and innovation. I’m proud to have led the charge to secure this competitive designation that will unlock new private and federal investments to turbocharge Montana’s economy, small businesses, and academic institutions.”

How to Use the TechLink Technology Marketplace – Technology Available at No Cost

The marketplace is a robust resource for business innovators, offering over 7,000 federally developed technologies across a diverse range of industries and categories that meet both commercial and government needs.

TechLink’s The Pulse: Transforming small businesses, new learning systems, open water transport, and more available for commercialization

TechLink connects federally developed R&D to businesses so they can innovate faster. And we’re federally funded so our support is at no cost to you.

TechLink January 2023: Top Technology Picks Available For Commercialization

You can work with us, at no cost, for guidance on how your company can license and bring to market federally developed technology.