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TechLink helps the Department of Defense to commercialize leading-edge new technology by partnering DoD labs with private sector companies for technology licensing, transfer, and research and development

TechLink – Weekly tech roundup featuring five photonics technologies

TechLink is here to help you navigate the licensing process. And our services are free.

Tech Link – Heatstroke has top athletes, soldiers falling out. This training app is the solution.

Developed by the U.S. and U.K. militaries, the iHATT application is ready for a commercial partner

TechLink weekly tech roundup: new express licensing technologies October 2019

This roundup features technologies available to businesses and entrepreneurs with streamlined legal and financial terms through express licensing.

Navy scientist develops safe, eco-friendly paint ready for commercialization

Micaela Whalen, senior technology manager at TechLink, recently interviewed Iezzi so she can brief interested companies on the details of the technology, including use-cases and steps to commercialization.

TechLink – Forget smartwatches, wearable electronics is going to mean all our clothing

“We think this is really exciting for a multitude of applications,” he said. “This is something that isn’t available on the market today so we are really excited to introduce this to the world and spread the word.”

Air Force 711 Human Performance Research Lab at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base impact: Nearly 11K jobs nationally

CRADAs with the 711th Human Performance Wing helped Ohio-based companies sell $4.1 million in new products, according to the new study by TechLink, a Bozeman, Mont. outfit that links private businesses to the U.S. military.

TechLink – Study shows cooperative research with military labs driving billions in economic growth

“The military’s research is based on the national defense mission but dual-use technologies are often created.”

TechLink weekly tech roundup: new medical technology edition

All of these featured technologies are available to entrepreneurs and businesses via a license agreement so they can be introduced into the commercial market and used in the medical community.

MSU TechLink receives federal grant to help high-tech companies

The U.S. Small Business Administration announced on Aug. 27 that it had awarded a Federal and State Technology Partnership Program grant for $125,000 to fund TechLink’s Montana Innovation Partnership.

TechLink – The Navy’s new non-mechanical laser steering technology

Here at TechLink, we’re searching for a private company that sees the commercial, non-military potential of the solutions