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TechLink helps the Department of Defense to commercialize leading-edge new technology by partnering DoD labs with private sector companies for technology licensing, transfer, and research and development

TechLink – Weekly tech roundup: software and information technology edition

Each of them is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses to license, develop, and bring novel technology to the commercial market.

The Air Force invented a portable navigation device that hears what we can’t – Can you build a company from this technology?

“The ultimate goal is, hopefully, we will receive follow-on work and the technology is transferred into something operational — either in a military or commercial context,” Adrian Peter, director of Florida Tech’s Information Characterization &...

TechLink – US Naval Research Lab develops quantum dot polymer for next-gen screens — interested?

Groundbreaking technology available for manufacturing, sales of new and improved electronics

TechLink – This new invention can generate power from the softest breeze

Government invention is available to businesses or entrepreneurs who would make, use, or sell it

14 reasons why your business needs to connect with TechLink

We’re a national partnership intermediary with 20 years of experience in transferring federally funded research and development to the private sector.

Building Bridges for a Faster Path to Technology Transfer

There are still many promising new technologies in government and university laboratories with no clear path to commercialization.

What’s new: TechLink Pulse

The Air Force has developed a new tool to predict cognitive performance that compares a person’s genetics against a cognitive model that includes data from visual memory tests.

TechLink – 5 new medical technologies for treating inflammatory bowel disease

VA funded medical research is available for commercial development

TechLink – Weekly tech roundup: sensor technology edition

This week’s tech roundup includes some of the latest, advanced sensor technologies available at the moment. All of them are opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses to license, develop, and bring to market.

TechLink – A research psychologist at the Air Force Research Laboratory can predict your mental performance from a cheek swab or blood sample.

In coordination with the Air Force technology transfer office, TechLink, the Department of Defense’s partnership intermediary, is helping private companies understand how they can turn the invention into new products.

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