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TechLink helps the Department of Defense to commercialize leading-edge new technology by partnering DoD labs with private sector companies for technology licensing, transfer, and research and development

TechLink – US Army invention ‘tricks’ body into sending warm blood to cold fingers

Patent-pending Personal Heating Dexterity Device offers improved capabilities and safety of military or recreational users

TechLink – Study shows $58 billion impact on economy through military lab’s invention licensing

“License agreements often allow businesses to build new products on shoestring R&D budgets.”

This Army app predicts impending heatstroke – Available for licensing

Here at TechLink, we’re searching for a private company that sees the commercial, non-military potential of the solution and can develop the software into a widely used product.

TechLink -H2 Power, hydrogen fuel startup, licenses new formula from Army Research Lab

The U.S. Army announced that it signed a patent license agreement with a Chicago-based hydrogen fuel company that hopes to disrupt transportation and portable energy markets.

U.S. Army scientists invented a wearable air conditioner long before Sony’s Reon Pocket

Opportunity for a business to commercialize is still hot

TechLink weekly tech roundup: communications technology available for licensing

And we can help you navigate the licensing process at no cost to you.

TechLink – SolarCube, solar startup, licenses perovskite printing tech from US Navy

The new solar cells are flexible and can be rolled for efficient shipping, but they also absorb a frequency of light different from standard panels, which means they can improve the energy production of existing solar farms when installed on top of the existing panels.

TechLink – These 21 inventions were revealed this morning, most available for product development

Batch of U.S. government patent applications available for commercialization lists new technologies from its research scientists, engineers

TechLink – Navigate by the stars? The US Air Force has a smartphone accessory for that

With the smartphone sextant patent issued, entrepreneurs or businesses can license it, giving them the right to make, use, or sell the technology commercially.

TechLink – US Navy grinding out flexible solar cells, wants business to take over

There’s value in the market protections that companies can get through a patent license agreement with the Navy. We’re here to help businesses get both.”


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