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North Dakota voters just passed age limits for Congress. Will it hold up?

Voters in North Dakota decided that octogenarians plus one year are not eligible to become candidates in the U.S. House and Senate. But is that legal?

Does your community have “Sit here if you’d like to have a conversation” benches?

One of the worst epidemics in our society is loneliness.   These benches are a very simple early stage way to address this and help people feel like they’re not alone. 

2024 Annual Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority Conference – 6/6-7 – in beautiful Missoula

We are thrilled to share the agenda for our upcoming annual conference in Missoula, Montana, immediately following the FRA Long-Distance Service Study (Northwest Region) meeting in Missoula on June 6th. Our welcome reception begins RIGHT after the FRA meeting, and we hope you can join us for some or all of our conference. The theme is Revitalizing Communities and Building Sustainable Economies.

Increasing Future Immigration Grows the U.S.’ Competitive Advantage

Without raising immigration levels now, the U.S. will no longer be the world’s largest economy. Expanded immigration will ensure that the U.S. workforce can continue to outperform global competitors.

New nation, new ideas: A study finds immigrants out-innovate native-born Americans

Today, around a quarter of all workers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields are immigrants.

Building the next Silicon Valley requires the curiosity and talent to already be local, at least at first.

Communities that have successfully done this are Austin, Texas with Robert Metcalfe and other innovators, El Segundo in the defense industry, and Miami in the crypto industry. Internationally, Tel Aviv is another sustainable tech hub that is thriving. These successes should also be studied by policymakers as they could potentially be more replicable.

The Other Side of the North Dakota Oil Boom: Evictions

Research into Williams County’s fracking industry shows how a commodity boom can accelerate the number of people losing their homes. 

Many hospitals in China stop newborn delivery services as birth rate drops

Census projects U.S. population bust by 2080 – Some cities see migrants as a ‘lifeline.’ Policy could follow, experts say

The rural workforce is changing. Colleges are scrambling to keep up. 

Across America, rural workforces have been stretched beyond recognition in the wake of the pandemic. The sudden move toward telework has shifted housing and labor markets, creating a crisis of affordability for long-time residents plus a growing demand for hands-on labor in health care, construction and other fields. Amid rapid change, colleges are struggling to adapt fast enough to meet their communities’ needs.

‘Brain Gain’ in Rural America and Who Is Behind It

Young people leave their homes to explore and learn everywhere, not just in rural America. But rural spaces offer some unique advantages that inspire many to return and bolster their communities.