This is why immigration in the U.S. is so vital to our future. How, where, and why Montana became the grayest state in the West

Demographics will slow America’s economy, but they’re a five-alarm fire for other countries. So even assuming equal levels of productivity growth, the U.S. is head and shoulders better off than other developed nations, just given its demographics alone. America could drop the ball on technology while China/Europe/Japan make all the right moves, and America could still remain a much larger and more powerful economy.

People like to talk about new technologies and innovations, because that’s fun. Demographics aren’t fun. But they’re going to be as important, if not more, to overall economic growth than most innovations over the coming decades.



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How, where, and why Montana became the grayest state in the West

Montana is the oldest state west of the Mississippi and peak age is yet to come.

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