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The state with the best education wins!


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The fastest click in the West: In race for new grants, 11 Montana districts get $2.6 million

Funding for applicants on the grants is determined by the amount of full-time equivalent teachers a district has participating in the “transformational learning plan.”

What jobs are affected by AI? Better-paid, better-educated workers face the most exposure

“Unlike robotics (associated with the factory floor) and computers (associated with routine office activities), AI has a distinctly white-collar bent.”

Making the grade: Why aren’t Montana students improving on standardized testing?

A closer look at test results and questions for state education officials on how to improve

Montana Career Opportunities – 10 new nonprofit jobs

Montana’s vitality and livability depend on a thriving nonprofit sector. We are creating a future where nonprofits are recognized and celebrated, have the resources needed to fulfill their missions, and are strategically connected with one…

You’ve hopefully seen the trailer for “In This Together, We Are One: The Buffalo Unity Project.” Now here is the film. MAPS Media Institute.

The Buffalo Unity Project is a program at Poplar Middle School on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. The goal is to connect students to the importance of the buffalo to the Dakota and Nakoda People, and to teach them that communities thrive when they are united in common purpose.

Please help send University of Montana Student Lily Clarke to attend the UN Climate Change Summit

Attending the Summit is an incredible opportunity to shine a spotlight on the University of Montana and Montana’s efforts to support environmental sustainability.

Today’s TED Talk – How to change your behavior for the better

In this funny, information-packed talk, psychologist Dan Ariely explores why we make bad decisions even when we know we shouldn’t

Business leaders go back to school for a day in Great Falls

Each leader was assigned a school and faculty member to shadow, gaining firsthand knowledge of the city’s education system.

New University of Montana Course Delves into Art and Science of Happiness

The course is modeled loosely after other successful happiness classes offered at Yale, Harvard, Duke and other universities.

Hamilton High School’s CTE and ITE programs offer students hand-on experience

Each student selects a career they are interested in and then invites a professional from the community employed in that field to be a guest speaker.


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