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Rural Perspectives: Enhancing Education and Training Support for Rural Residents

Knowing that employment opportunities and the workforce industry will continue to shift to fields that require more technical skills, there is a need to support individuals in accessing postsecondary education and training to obtain relevant degrees and credentials.

You’re not a leader if you’re not doing this one important thing

A managing director of creative agency Eleven reflects on her career and says, “Understanding that you don’t know everything, and you can learn from someone else, opens your eyes to so many growth opportunities and ways to advance, not only professionally, but personally.”

Montana Career Opportunity – Bookkeeper – Cascadia Management Group

Cascadia Is Growing! If you find yourself to be an organized number fanatic who would thrive with the freedom of a flexible schedule, we want to hear from you!

Montana Learning Center awarded $360,000 NASA grant

MLC says NASA funding has supported their efforts for years, helping provide a variety of programs that not only encourage engagement with STEM professionals but also help students develop their collaboration and communications skills and build other skills necessary for success in today’s education and work environments.

Request for Proposals 56Strong Program Facilitator Nine Month contract

The contractor will serve as the lead facilitator and coordinator for
planning and implementing this new state-wide program. The ideal candidate would be
considered warm, welcoming, and a connector.

Code Girls United Free Online program is open for 4th to 8th grade Montana girls (starts first week of October, Monday class and a Wednesday class)

Code Girls United’s mission is to expand the future career opportunities of 4th – 8th grade girls in Montana through hands-on experiences in coding, technology, and business. By building skills and self-confidence, we are teaching young girls to become the leaders of tomorrow.

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Elevate Their PR Game

Here are five PR tips for nonprofits to think like a for-profit to improve their public awareness and grow community support for their missions.

Ohio Launches 5G and Broadband Workforce Development Program

The state is launching a new training program for fiber-optic technicians at the Tri-County Career Center in Nelsonville, aiming to create a workforce capable of installing new broadband and 5G infrastructure.

You may not be ready to lead a hybrid team. Here’s what to know

The founder of Working Simply says leaders must create a culture that supports and enables remote workers to be visible, engaged, and active contributors to the team.

Bozeman Health seeks to fill 400 open positions

The last place you would want to hear about a worker shortage would probably be the hospital, especially at a time like now, but that’s exactly what Bozeman Health is currently dealing with. “Oh my…