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The state with the best education wins!


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Scholarships to promote volunteerism among Montana high school students

High school students who frequently volunteered throughout the last 12 months are eligible for Serve Montana’s Youth Serve Montana Scholarship.

Here’s Why Every Entrepreneur Should Find A Mentor

One of the best resources an entrepreneur can have is a mentor.

Here’s the relaxation hack that taught 96% of US military pilots how to fall asleep within 2 minutes — even after drinking coffee

After just six weeks of practice at turning their brains off using this five-step method, 96% of pilots could fall asleep within 120 seconds.

Montana Workforce Development Survey

This survey is intended to assess the extent of workforce difficulties faced by Montana businesses and we would like to request your opinions about what we can do to positively impact Montana’s workforce.

Career Opportunities at Arrow Solutions Group

Precision in Executing the Human Side of Technology When you engage with Arrow, you experience: Our support and clear understanding of your goals Listening to the essentials of the job position to achieve a shared…

Montana Governor’s Office of Economic Development – ‘Innovation Lab’ Looks To Boost Montana’s Outdoor Recreation Economy

The Montana Governor’s Office is searching for new ways to tap into the state’s outdoor economy — an economic engine already fueled by more than $7 billion spent in the state each year.

This program helped children in poverty increase their chances of becoming high earners by 50%

Early interventions can have big effects on a child’s future.

Schools must cultivate skills that translate to work

Education must include practical opportunities to fail and take risks, and to gain real-world experience that develops the skills typically absent from syllabi.

Your Support is Requested to Develop Montana’s Next Generation of Economic and Community Development Tools

We need an additional $50,000 to $60,000 to meet the financial needs of this project

Innovate Montana Symposium comes to Butte next week – 10/14-16

The speaking lineup of the symposium will feature Gov. Steve Bullock, along with Montana entrepreneurs and business leaders from the national stage.


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