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Yes, good leaders are authentic leaders — but here’s what that actually means

If you go on Amazon, you can find over 40,000 books on how to be more authentic. Clearly, we have a problem if we have to spend so much money just to be ourselves. But the cost, as I see it, is not just to our pocketbooks.

Montana Career Opportunity – Software Developer – Transystems

Software Developer – Join a Small, Innovative Team. Are you an analytical and problem-solving individual looking to expand your experience and career in a collaborative and creative atmosphere where innovative ideas are encouraged and appreciated?…

Parsing The Press: Conflicts Of Interest And Off-The-Record Threats

Journalists try to keep an ethical distance between themselves and their news sources, but that presents challenges sometimes. This week’s guest, University of Montana Journalism Professor Dennis Swibold, discusses that relationship — and the criticism aimed at female journalists that sometimes crosses lines that shouldn’t be crossed.

Learning Empathy Takes Practice. Lots of It. That’s Where Virtual Reality Can Help

Mursion’s simulations use real actors in A.I.-generated scenarios–no bulky headset required. It could be the future of workplace learning.

Select group of Missoula City Council members to embark on search for housing trust appointees

The Affordable Housing Citizens Oversight Committee will include four City Council appointments, three of which will have voting powers. The mayor also will make three appointments to the committee and Missoula County will make one.

Blackfeet seamstress Belinda Bullshoe sells locally in Montana, invited to more international runways

Belinda Bullshoe’s intricate stitching creations highlight Montana native struggles and triumphs one thread at a time.

Billings, Montana businesses discuss the future of working remotely

Business owners are facing a new normal amid the pandemic as they start conversations on whether to have remote employees return to the office permanently.

It’s not Babysitting, Honey, It’s Called Parenting – Women on the Rise – Entrepreneur Series

This session will go through maintaining balance, harmony and setting expectations for home life.

MPIA February 2021 Newsletter

It is great to be in photonics and hear of the great activity in the industry, specifically in Montana! 

Landmark study finds link between playing video games and well-being

“Our findings show video games aren’t necessarily bad for your health; there are other psychological factors which have a significant effect on a persons’ well-being,”