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Jobs abound and wages rise in Missoula, but employees hard to find – Come Home Montana – Career Opportunities in Montana

According to the latest State of Missoula’s Workforce study commissioned by the Missoula Economic Partnership, the average hourly wage in Missoula rose from $24.12 last February to $26.75 this June.

Montana State University to host Technology entrepreneur and investor Behrooz Abdi Oct. 21 for his Orser lecture on uncertainty and disruption in business

The COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and international relations have disrupted people’s lives and created uncertainties about the future, Abdi said. In the talk, Abdi will share stories and examples from his own life that he hopes will inspire students and others to embrace uncertainty as a portal to new possibilities and to thrive on the unknown.

Montana Career Opportunities – Head of FP&A, Talent Coordinator/Sourcing Specialist – Technical, Director, Product Design, Director of Sales Operations and many more – ClassPass

Our team is…well, everywhere. For us, it’s not about showing up in an office every day — it’s about showing up at your best. We support our globally distributed workforce with virtual onboarding, connected meetings…

Montanans pushed out of larger cities look to Butte for homes

“We’ve had people approach us from Bozeman say, ‘We’re going to move. We can’t afford to operate in Bozeman because our employees can’t afford housing,’” explained Markovich. “No doubt, of the big five communities in the state, Butte is simply the most affordable.”

Why child-care workers are quitting

Working in a day care is a demanding job — but the pay is typically around just $12 an hour, and often without benefits. Many child-care workers have quit during the pandemic, leaving parents without options and struggling to return to work themselves.

How have Icelandic teenagers gone from the biggest drinkers and smokers in Europe to the healthiest in 20 years?

Iceland has managed to reduce the number of teenagers for the past 20 years who regularly drink from 48 % to 5 %, and those who smoke 23 % to 3 %. What is your state doing?

Record-breaking 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August, new data show

Experts stress that people are leaving their jobs as workers across the country are demanding higher pay, better employment conditions and critical support in their daily lives.

Want to Make Smarter Decisions? This Test Can Dramatically Improve Your Judgment and Reasoning

Within seconds, you’ll determine just how confident you really are in a prediction or decision.

Unfilled Small Business Job Openings Just Hit a Record High. Is It Time to Rethink Hiring?

Employers that want to fill open roles will have to be a little more open-minded and willing to train.

Video – There’s Space for you to Be, Grow and Play As a Healthcare Professional in Billings, Montana

Let our local healthcare community tell you why they selected Billings and why they are staying! Billings is a regional healthcare center offering world class health care to the 500+ mile region it serves. A community of healthcare systems that continue to grow and invest back into the communities they serve.