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3 warning signs about the economy coming out of America’s top companies

At first look, American companies seem to be doing just fine in the face of high inflation and rising interest rates. But look underneath the surface, and there are potential warning signs about the economy – and it’s got the country’s top executives feeling a little bit nervous.

TED Talk – 7 beliefs that can silence women — and how to unlearn them

Being “dismissed” in various inadvertent ways, is so common, most of us don’t notice it. The common “manspeaking” by some men to many women is just one form of this. Share it!

Hellgate Venture Network – August 18, 4.30pm Syann Stevens TAP Missoula

TAP Missoula strives to decentralize larger social media networks. Our eventual franchise will bring local control and ownership to the communities social media directly impacts.

Helena Regional Airport searches for new restaurant operator

Travelers flying in and out of Helena Regional Airport may have noticed changes in recent months with Smokejumper ending their tenure at the airport. Now, the airport is searching for a new long-term operator for its food and beverage locations inside the airport.

Montana girls coding team advances at international competition

It’s a very impressive feat, especially since the industry is male-dominated.

Big Sky Economic Development Has a New Home!

Please join us following the Annual Meeting as we celebrate the Grand Opening of Rock31: Business Incubator, Accelerator, and Co-working Space and Big Sky Economic Development on Thursday, September 8, 2022, at 201 North Broadway at 4:00 -6:00 pm.

University of Montana Leads $10M Project to Advance Native American STEM Education Across the West

UM will receive $1.8 million of the total award to build a network for developing and disseminating science, technology, engineering and math educational resources, as well as implementing longitudinal programming, mentorship and teacher preparation in support of AI/AN student success.

“Dominos are Falling” – Millions desperate in China’s bleak job market – Video

Millions of new graduates are desperate for work in a bleak job market in China as COVID-19 controls force some employers to close.

See It My Way: Top Tips for Persuading Others

Even highly experienced leaders can stumble when it comes to persuading individuals or their team. In this Nano Tool from Wharton Executive Education, Wharton’s G. Richard Shell offers guidance on how to tailor your pitch to achieve your goals.

$1.1M awarded to Montana tribal nations to enhance tourism

Seven of the eight Tribal Nations elected to participate; of the 33 projects evaluated, 21 were eligible for full or partial funding.