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People are moving out of small towns and into more populous regions (Video)

“We are fighting from a development standpoint to fight that fight, the depopulation, to not only have people come into town but to get them to stay here and hopefully start a family,” Swanger said.

Montana Career Opportunity – Grant Writer and Administrator – Sweetgrass Development Corporation

The Grant Writer & Administrator is responsible for developing, implementing and supporting new and existing government, foundation and corporate fundraising initiatives to generate increased revenue and to support economic and community development project activities within…

Ronan, Montana explores remote worker possibilities

Mission West Community Development Partners, along with remote work program Trepademics, has conducted a feasibility study for creating a coworking space and more remote worker opportunities in the tri-county area.

Tulsa Retools Itself for the Remote Work Revolution

Tulsa Remote is the most successful of the dozens of relocation incentive programs around the country, having brought 1,800 people to town so far. According to an EIG study of the early arrivers, 88 percent of them were college graduates, with an average income of $105,000. “People who can work remotely, by definition their skills are augmented by technology and they are highly paid,” Fikri says.

Free Business Finance Class – 8/15 – Online

Read the following phrases: financial forecasting, budgeting, balance sheet, financial statement, cash flows, and sources and uses statement.

Did your eyes just glaze over?

If You’re a Startup Founder, Watch Out for This ‘Harsh Term’ From Investors

Venture capitalist Mac Conwell of RareBreed Ventures took to Twitter this week to warn founders that he’s seeing more investors adding a provision known as “full ratchets” into early-stage agreements.

California will soon start giving kids free money for college. Here’s what families need to know

“Research has shown that having an investment or savings dedicated for college can have a positive effect on expectations of the child and parents,”

Zillow Group expects real estate industry to ‘meaningfully contract’ in second half of 2022

Zillow Group expects revenue from its core Premier Agent business unit to decrease more than 20% year-over-year in the third quarter due to housing trends.

A Place to Call Home: Small Towns That Welcome All

In places like New Hope, Pennsylvania, or Eureka Springs, Arkansas, thriving LGBTQ+ communities help shape small town life from economy and culture to education.  

A new way to pay for college – Future Income Share with the University

If she agreed to give Purdue a percentage of her future income for a set period of time, she could get the money she needed to finish school. The more she made after graduation, the more Purdue would get back.