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Have you ever felt a story shift something deep inside you?

A story that sparked your imagination, ignited a memory, or maybe even helped you understand yourself a little better? That’s the power of storytelling at Tell Us Something. Storytelling goes beyond entertainment. We cultivate a community where people are empowered to share their experiences, big or small.

And this impact goes beyond the stage. Through workshops, we help storytellers develop their voices. They gain confidence, hone their communication skills, and discover the power of their own narratives. It’s a journey of self-discovery, open to everyone, regardless of background or experience.

At Tell Us Something, we believe in the strength of inclusion. At each event we give away about 200 free tickets, many to underserved populations that might not otherwise be able to attend a cultural event like Tell Us Something. We hire sign language interpreters to ensure everyone has a seat in the theatre.

We’ve seen young storytellers blossom onstage, and senior citizens share their wisdom and captivate listeners. It’s a space where differences are celebrated, and connections are built across generations.

The stories we share can heal too. By opening up and sharing our vulnerabilities, we combat isolation and foster a sense of belonging.

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