The state with the best education wins!

Laird Superfood Secures $32 Million in Private Funding Round From WeWork and Others

One of the fastest-growing companies in the natural-foods industry will use funding to expand product offerings, support acquisitions and add jobs across departments

Oregon’s urban-rural divide has deepened

With the state’s population becoming more concentrated around Portland, and Eastern Oregon and Multnomah County becoming so politically disparate, the political voices of East Oregonians have become increasingly silenced.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown establishes rural broadband office

“I think once we dig in we’ll find out that there’s a digital divide along other lines, socioeconomic and cultural lines.”

Oregon CIO Terrence Woods Discusses State’s Top Priorities

Modernization in particular stands to be an ongoing issue for Oregon, as it is for most states in the country.

Why This Oregon Town Could Be the Next Napa

The natural surroundings are ideal for adventure, or just marveling out the window.

Average Oregon renter can no longer afford a typical one-bedroom apartment, report finds

In the Portland area, even the cost of a studio apartment exceeds the estimated median income for an average renter household.

Data center plans huge 92-acre project in Hillsboro, Oregon

QTS Data Centers plans a 100-megawatt facility that would use more than double the electricity of all the homes in Hillsboro.

On the Water, and Off, the Rogue River in Oregon Charms

The reason I’d come to the Rogue River area is because it’s thriving — even in the off-season.

Oregon lawmakers move quickly to vote on Kate Brown’s business tax cut

Gov. Kate Brown’s small-business tax cut is on track for floor votes in Oregon’s House and Senate on Monday afternoon, which would allow the Legislature to wrap up the special session in a single day.

Oregon’s tech industry appears to have plateaued

Oregon tech has continued to expand over the past four years and still pays some of the state’s best wages, the research indicates. But its growth rate now lags the broader state economy.

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