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Built with 3D printers, these wind turbine blades are completely recyclable

The method could greatly reduce the weight and cost of wind turbine blades in the future.

Judge strikes pre-approval statute for a utility-scale battery project that bestowed ‘exclusive and lucrative financial benefit only on NorthWestern’

The ruling could put Montana’s first utility-scale battery project in jeopardy.

NorthWestern plans $10M upgrade to downtown Missoula substation as Caras Park improvements play out

With the first round of renovations to Caras Park set to end for the summer season, NorthWestern Energy plans to improve the appearance of its downtown substation.

Montana Career Opportunities – Accounting Manager, Dev. Ops Technologist, Security Technologist and many more… – Northwestern Energy

Our ability to fulfill our mission and serve our customers depends on employing the best workers. Behind every one of our employees and retirees is a story. Read more about the people who are the…

NorthWestern Energy committed to reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy service

NorthWestern Energy continues to add renewable energy resources to our portfolio.

Advancing Clean Energy, a message from Bob Rowe, CEO, Northwestern Energy

While staying true to our core responsibilities, we are also committing to achieve carbon neutrality in our electric and natural gas operations by 2050 – net zero carbon and methane emissions.

NorthWestern’s plans for state’s first battery-storage project advances

The utility company first announced the project last spring as part of a plan to add 350 megawatts of energy capacity by contracting for storage and hydropower, while also constructing a gas-fired power plant south of Laurel.

People, Community and the Environment – Bright magazine showcases our sustainability efforts and the exciting work going on at NorthWestern Energy. Volume 1.

The Community issue of Bright magazine showcases all the ways we’re committed to being an active member of the communities and states we serve.

One More Week Until the 47th Annual Economic Outlook Seminars! Nine Cities Tuesday, January 25 – Wednesday, March 16

Where Housing is Headed. How will today’s imbalances be resolved?

As part of the US’s new aid package, 7 major utility companies including Northwestern Energy have pledged not to o cut off service to customers who ask for help.

According to the Labor Department’s consumer price index, electricity and natural gas prices are about 11 percent higher than they were a year ago. Meanwhile, according to the Energy Information Administration, residential heating oil prices are up 40% from a year ago.

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