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Northwestern Energy CEO Robert Rowe On Montana’s Energy Infrastructure

Today’s guest is Robert Rowe, CEO of Northwestern Energy, provider of electricity and natural gas to over 700,000 residential and business customers in Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska.

NorthWestern Energy adds contract for 80 megawatts of solar generation for Montana

The Public Utility Regulatory Act (PURPA) contract is for 80 megawatts of generation from a solar facility Apex Solar is developing in Beaverhead County near Dillon, Montana.

NorthWestern Energy joins the Western Energy Imbalance Market

Since its launch in 2014, the Western EIM has been using advanced technology to find and deliver the lowest-cost energy to utilities.

Largest in Montana: Missoula County inks agreement for solar array atop jail

The financing model with Serock is unique in Montana, though it has been practiced in other states. The arrangement enables the county to get into a sizable system without investing much capital up front.

Northwestern Energy recognized for women on boards

With three women directors — Britt Ide, Linda Sullivan and Mahvash Yazdi —representing 37% of its corporate board seats, NorthWestern Energy has made a business decision aligning with independent research that demonstrates when three or more women serve on a board, profitability, productivity, and workplace engagement increase.

Bright Future from Northwestern Energy

Together, we’re working to deliver a bright future.

Natural gas plant, battery storage: What’s next for NorthWestern Energy?

Montana’s largest regulated utility submits an application to the PSC for a new natural gas plant and battery storage project.

Proposed battery facility in Butte, Montana under consideration

The Butte-Silver Bow Zoning Board is expected to decide Thursday whether a five-acre utility-scale battery energy storage facility can be located next to a NorthWestern Energy substation in an otherwise open tract of 200 acres south of town.

NorthWestern Energy to upgrade all the state’s electric meters over next three years

It could take three years to upgrade the state’s 590,000 electric meters.

Renowned Montana artist, Monte Dolack unveils painting highlighting Madison Valley creek restoration

Seeds that stayed dormant around O’Dell Creek for half a century are starting to sprout native plants.

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