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NorthWestern Energy to upgrade all the state’s electric meters over next three years

It could take three years to upgrade the state’s 590,000 electric meters.

Renowned Montana artist, Monte Dolack unveils painting highlighting Madison Valley creek restoration

Seeds that stayed dormant around O’Dell Creek for half a century are starting to sprout native plants.

NorthWestern Energy building $250M natural gas power plant in Laurel, Montana

The utility laid out plans late Tuesday for the gas-fired power plant, along with a 50-megawatt battery storage project and a five-year agreement to buy 100 megawatts of hydropower.

NorthWestern Energy has no interest in acquiring more than an incremental portion of critical power from Colstrip to serve its Montana customers

To be clear, NorthWestern Energy would only consider acquiring enough additional critical power from Colstrip to reliably and affordably serve our Montana customers. That need is far less than the output of even one unit of the Colstrip Power Plant.

NorthWestern Energy: A Sleepy Utility With Outsized Customer Growth

The company’s generation portfolio is mostly renewables, which have been very popular in the market recently.

NorthWestern : Energy announces 2021 funding for fisheries, wildlife and habitat enhancement projects on Madison and Missouri Rivers

NorthWestern Energy is providing $1.6 million this year to support 35 fisheries, wildlife and habitat improvement projects within the 550-mile corridor of the Madison-Missouri River from Yellowstone National Park to the headwaters of Fort Peck Reservoir.

Missoula County adopts energy efficient building policy, set to pursue green tariff

“Green tariff’s are an increasingly common mechanism by which customers of regulated utilities have the option to buy power from newly developed renewable energy sources through a special rate,” said Diana Maneta, the energy conservation and sustainability coordinator for Missoula County. “A green tariff is not a tax. It’s a voluntary rate for electricity that you can chose to pay on your energy bill.”

Missoula County inks contract for energy audit in pursuit of carbon neutrality

With parallel goals of addressing the climate crisis and reducing carbon emissions, the city and county of Missoula, along with the cities of Bozeman and Helena, formally adopted a joint agreement last month to work with NorthWestern Energy on developing a green tariff.

Trifecta: Missoula, Bozeman, Helena team up in push for green tariff

The agreement, now approved by all four governments, authorizes them to hire a national consultant with expertise in designing utility rates and green tariffs.

NorthWestern Energy Announces Leadership Changes

“Today’s announcement is part of deliberate succession planning that reflects a strong company, building on its successes with its eyes toward the future,” said Rowe.