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Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority appoints officers, courts more counties

“We are off to the races,” Strohmaier said Thursday. “Getting this thing up and running is like constructing the train as it’s running down the tracks. We’re trying to feel our way through this.” Next meeting:

Friday, Feb. 5, 2021 – 9 to 11 a.m.

Entrepreneur Victoria Livschitz Hikes Newest Company RightOnTrek to Whitefish, Montana to make outdoor adventures and planning more accessible

With a small group of friends, Livschitz launched RightOnTrek, a company that she describes as having the ultimate goal of being the Grand Central of planning outdoor adventures, big and small.

Montana Economic Developers Association (MEDA) 2021 Legislative Priorities and Principles

As the State’s lead economic development agency, MEDA comprises more than 225 economic development practitioners and partners serving as leaders dedicated to building Montana’s economy.  MEDA members strive to improve the State’s economy through business creation, expansion, retention, and through the empowerment and diversification of our State’s economic base. 

Montana adventure travel business banking on 2021 resurgence in tourism

“Montana has pretty much everything — mountains, lakes, rivers, cool small towns and two national parks,” Wright said. “Montana truly is one of the top adventure destinations in the world.”

The 25 coolest towns in America to visit in 2021 – Big Sky, Montana

When we peek through the magnifying glass, it’s that resilience that looms largest.

Survey: Montanans saw this summer’s visitors as less polite

For the first time, Hutcheson and her staff had to make it a point to tell people that bear spray isn’t a repellent that you spray on your kids like insect repellent. They were also overwhelmed by people who had seen fly-fishing portrayed in movies like “A River Runs Through It” and wanted a full wader set-up.

“Headwaters” – Glacier National Park Debuts New Podcast

With support from nonprofit fundraising partner, park releases first installments of “Headwaters” podcast

The Pandemic Created New Hunters. States Need to Keep Them

Significant uptick in the number of new hunters during the pandemic helps patch the budgets for conservation efforts at wildlife agencies. The next challenge is to have the newly initiated continue for years to come.

The View From the Virtual Front Porch of Dunrovin Ranch in Lolo, Montana

People from around the world are building community at Dunrovin Ranch

Wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park 25 years ago. Where do they stand now?

“I thought it would be a rare person who would be able to see a wolf in Yellowstone but it’s become an industry, a phenomenon.”