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‘Austin of the Northwest’?: New $100 Million events center epitomizes Missoula’s rapid growth

“It’s an amazing project all the way around, and it’s going to make a huge economic difference to Missoula. This elevates us to another level.”

Meet Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, the Backdrop of the TV Series Yellowstone

While Yellowstone has put a Paramount-sized spotlight on our quiet valley, we love that so many people are discovering this place, especially with views like these.

How Montana’s Tippet Rise showcases artistic achievement amid natural beauty

The Tippet Rise Art Center in southern Montana is home to stunning sculptures, architecture and classical music. But instead of traditional museum or concert hall walls, its artworks are surrounded by natural wonders.

New grants awarded as part of community-driven initiative to boost tourism in eastern Montana

“We have untold potential in eastern Montana to share our spectacular landscapes and unique, authentic experiences with visitors who can’t find what we have to offer anywhere else,” said Beth Epley, executive director of the Eastern Plains Economic Development Corporation located in Baker.

The Simple Privilege of Resettling to a Small Town

A big city journalist follows through on a “crazy” idea of moving to a place where adults are satisfied, children have support, and people look out for each other.

Sperry Chalet (Glacier National Park) rebuild ‘brings out the best in people’

The pride here is readily apparent among all of the crew members who are helping to rebuild the 105-year-old wood and stone chalet, which was heavily damaged after an “ember storm” from the 17,000-acre Sprague fire.

Repeat Visitors – Assessing Motivations for Return Visits and the Influence of Previous Visits to Montana

Montana is unique and brings visitors back. According to repeat visitors, the scenery, access to public lands and water, and wildlife is why they come here over other destinations.

Road trip! Uniquely Montana destinations to add to your plans

Historic ghost towns, unique geology, art, museums and much more — Montana has much to offer under its big blue skies, so gas up! You’ll want to see it all.

Montana holds highest foreign exchange student numbers in the United States

Education First said their research shows that students love how welcoming Montanans are, and how fun they make life.

Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park nearly restored after devastating fire

The restoration is expected to be completed by this October, and the chalet will open in the summer of 2020.


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