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I’ve worked remotely from 14 countries. Here’s what I learned.

Consider my lessons your beginner’s guide to being a digital nomad

Taking Care of the Place We Love – Bozeman, Montana

We need the cooperation of longtime locals, tourists, new residents, and businesses—please help us by being good to Bozeman. Here are some of the ways you can contribute to this effort.

Climate change threatens Montana’s trout habitat and tourism industry, study says

Montana could lose as much as 35 percent of its cold-water trout habitat by 2080, a new study says.

As countries (and states) try to attract digital nomads, locals say ‘not so fast’

Digital nomad culture is clashing with local culture.

Does This Fisherman Have the Right to Be in a Billionaire’s Backyard?

The group Backcountry Hunters and Anglers has been vocal in support of Mr. Hill. Besides habitat destruction, Mr. Tawney cited privatization as the biggest threat to its members:

Badlands and barbed wire: Conservationists re-wild Montana’s prairies and pronghorn

It might surprise some to learn that Montana’s largest National Wildlife Refuge doesn’t contain a single mountain. Instead, all 1.1 million acres of the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, or CMR, consists of sweeping prairie encompassing the massive Fort Peck Reservoir and rugged, impassable badlands that spin the land into a labyrinth of gumbo hills and plummeting draws.

Elon Musk Is Bringing Cell Service to the Backcountry

Behold, direct satellite-to-phone connectivity “anywhere you can see the sky”

Julie Mac highlights “Montana’s Best” in video series

“Here I am from Montana, but I had no idea that Glendive, Montana, is the number one spot to be going dinosaur digging in the United States,” said Mac. “I had no idea that we had all these hidden gems.”

3 Openings Available – Bob Marshall Wilderness Horseback Guided Elk and Deer Hunt  September 24 – 30, 2022

This is a once in a lifetime hunt for anyone who wants to experience the very best of a professional guided hunt on horse back in Montana’s fabulous wilderness.  

The Beauty and Opportunity of Isolation in Montana – The American Prairie Reserve (APR)

In my view, the American Prairie Reserve is an extraordinarily enlightened organization and it has bent over backwards in every way to respect, understand and accommodate the ranch and town concerns of the region. If the APR achieves its vision, the 3.5 million acre buffalo reserve will attract hundreds of thousands, even millions, of eco-tourists from all over the world, new enterprises on the main streets of Malta, Jordan and Lewistown, and wind up being one of the most noteworthy success stories in the history of rural redevelopment.