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Local, state Wyoming leaders call for regional solutions

Elected officials walk into a conference room. They don’t even belong to the same state, let alone the same governing body.

Colorado Governor Announces First-Ever Blockchain Architect

“The creation of this Blockchain Solution Architect role is breaking new ground and a step in the right direction to secure Colorado as a leader in blockchain innovation, ”

U.S. Census Vulnerable to Russian Meddling, Top Official Warns

The U.S. Census Bureau is concerned the Russian government could hack into data collected in the 2020 Census, in a similar way to how it interfered in the 2016 presidential election, a top bureau official...

Montana Governor Steve Bullock talks jobs at National Governors Association conference in Whitefish, Montana

“Here in Montana, and in a lot of the 32 states that are here, what we see is that we’ve got to train people to get them credentials along the way, and the federal government...

Public Comment Period Opens for New Montana Infrastructure Program – Public hearing scheduled for June 13

The Department will host a public hearing June 13, 2019, at 1:30 p.m to consider the proposed amendment

Wyoming Agencies Work to Update 30-Year-Old Statewide System

Wyoming lawmakers have a decision to make: either keep a 30-year-old computer system running code designed in 1959 or shell out millions for an upgrade.

How San Francisco broke America’s heart

No longer. In a time of scarce consensus, everyone agrees that something has rotted in San Francisco.

Hiring etiquette: Don’t ghost candidates after interviews, do acknowledge receipt of any résumé

The executive managing editor of Business Insider stirred up a kerfuffle this year with a column arguing against hiring interviewees who fail to send thank you notes.

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It’s time we demand that engineers build us Strong Towns. Confessions of a Recovering Engineer

“Wider, faster, treeless roads not only ruin our public places, they kill people. Taking highway standards and applying them to urban and suburban streets, and even county roads, costs us thousands of lives every year.”...

Is California ready to ban gas-powered cars? Not yet. But they’re thinking about it

“It’s time that we clear the path for emissions-free transportation and take significant steps to achieve our ambitious emissions reduction goals,” Assemblyman Phil Ting, a San Francisco Democrat,

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