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Small Business Grant Funding Opportunity – The Community Development Division and the Montana Main Street Program of the Montana Department of Commerce

A grant program to support brick-and-mortar businesses in commercial districts as they enter the next phases of reopening across the country.

Governor Bullock Announces Grants to Safeguard Access to Health Care

“By helping small primary care and safety net providers find and assist uninsured Montanans, we’re making sure Montanans who need affordable health care coverage can get it and can keep themselves and their families safe.” Governor Bullock

Most Public Engagement is Worthless

More often than not, it is a mechanism to wrap a veneer of legitimacy around the large policy objectives of influential people.

Montana Candidate for Governor Mike Cooney releases economic plan: clean energy jobs, workforce training, buy Montana – Keep Montana Working!

“We must ensure that Montana businesses have access to a pipeline of skilled workers for high-demand, good paying jobs,” Cooney said. “The renewable energy industry in Montana has so much potential. Montana has the opportunity to be a leader in the transition toward the clean energy economy.”

Uptown Butte focuses on enhancing historical beauty

Butte is toughening up on vacant building ordinances in an effort to enhance Uptown’s historical beauty.

Time for Montana to adopt automatic voter registration

Whenever someone gets or renews their MT drivers license or MT state ID, they would be automatically registered to vote, unless they choose to opt-out (registration would not be compulsory).

America Is More Than Its Broken National Political Rhetoric – Montana Is A Good Example

During the pandemic, a vehicle breakdown in the middle of Montana becomes a teaching moment on how a good Samaritan is seldom a person of one’s own stamp

Well Done, Kiwis! New Zealand Delivers Big Planning Policy Reforms

This is a watershed moment for the country’s cities and towns.

How to Back Up Your Digital Life

Backups are boring, but they’ll save your digital bacon. Here’s how to make sure your data lives on even when your PC doesn’t.

Missoula County to consider preference for businesses owned by women, minorities

Citing a historic disadvantage, Missoula County will consider giving a procurement preference to small businesses owned by women and minorities when scoring applications in search of qualified vendors.