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200+ Leaders From Rural U.S. Communities To Gather in Missoula, Montana To Rewrite The Rural Organizing Playbook – June 4-7

United Today, Stronger Tomorrow is a nonprofit organization that identifies opportunities to create and/or strengthen on-the-ground organizing and build power that can be used to directly improve the lives of Americans.

Effort underway to bring a tech hub to Montana

Senator Tester believes there’s a lot of untapped potential in rural areas like Montana.

Why Even The Most Progressive Cities Are Failing Their Car-Free Residents

It turns out that Berkeley residents walk and ride bicycles in spite of what the city does on transportation policy – not because of it.

Parking Reform Bill to be Introduced at Federal Level

The legislation, which would ban parking requirements near transit to encourage housing development and bring down housing costs, would be a rare federal preemption of local control.

Google Is Rolling Out Password-Killing Tech to All Accounts

The tech industry’s transition to passkeys gets its first massive boost with the launch of the alternative login scheme for Google’s billions of users.

University of Montana Program Trains Montana Librarians to be Resources for Entrepreneurs

Economic development’ means something highly unique in Montana, due the strong influence of entrepreneurship and heritage of business experimentation. This rich history of entrepreneurial spirit has only continued to grow in recent years.

Alberta Burns Due To Climate-Change Fueled Wildfires, Yet Provincial Government & Media Refuse To Mention It

My heart is with the Albertans who are displaced by these terrible fires. But my heart is not with the fossil industry of Alberta and its enablers.

Colorado Now Allows Local Governments to Provide Broadband Without a Local Election

The announcement further notes that local governments have not historically had direct involvement in delivering telecommunications services, but as connectivity is increasingly deemed as essential as a utility like water, the role of local governments is shifting.

Radically Rural: If We Want a Stronger Local Economy, Why Do We Invest in Wall Street?

Several experts are creating tools and sharing expertise to develop an “ecosystem,” in which investing directly in local small businesses becomes a viable alternative to Wall Street.

Push for Big Sky Rail Expansion

“A rail expansion for the lower part of Montana is getting some renewed attention.”