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When Should a City Hire a Chief Innovation Officer?

The prevalence of chief innovation officers in city halls — as well as within state houses and at the county level — has certainly risen of late, with the position being basically unheard of just...

Senator Tester Moves to Protect Montana Small Businesses From Online Sales Tax

“Montanans have spoken, time and time again, against a sales tax,” Tester said. “This bill cuts red tape and makes sure Montana’s small businesses won’t suffer because of sales taxes in other states.”

Supreme Court keeps Montana’s limits on campaign contributions in place

The Supreme Court rejected a challenge Monday to Montana’s base campaign contribution limits, which the Ninth Circuit upheld over a year ago.

Cities Are Tucking Climate Change Fixes Into New Laws

Cities across the US are rethinking their policies on homebuilding and transportation.

California Gov. Proposes New Office of Digital Innovation

One day after proposing a major shift in California tech procurement, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday announced plans to transform digital innovation in state government.

The high, high price of affordable housing

The case has been made that plenty of publicly subsidized affordable housing costs considerably more to build than market rate housing.

The FTC Thinks You Pay Too Much for Smartphones. Here’s Why

The agency blames Qualcomm

Tester Leads Fight for Montana Community Health Centers Senator’s Bipartisan Bill Would Provide Long-Term Certainty for Montana Patients

“In many communities, these facilities are the only health care providers that treat uninsured patients and they do so at an affordable rate. I’ll keep fighting to strengthen Montana’s community health centers so we can...

Some Nevada governments using blockchain for public records

One project the county is looking at using blockchain technology for a potential digital record recovery system in case of a disaster.

New York City to provide health care to all city residents, mayor announces

The Democratic mayor said the new program NYC Care will pay for the health care insurance costs for 600,000 city residents who do not have coverage, making it the largest city in the nation to...

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