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Millions available through new Montana Department of Commerce infrastructure program

The Delivering Local Assistance Program was created as part of a $400 million infrastructure investment package passed by the 2019 Legislature and signed by Gov. Bullock.

Maps That Can Guide a Changing City

The evolving technology of ‘digital twins’ can provide a dynamic, real-time view of the urban environment and the impact of ideas for improving it.

From 42 Agencies to 15: How Arkansas Overhauled State Government Without Laying Anyone Off

All governors have lots of people who answer to them. Often, too many.

Cities Turn to Hackers to Protect Their Tech – Has Your City Called “Alien”?

The rise of ransomware has forced local governments to take more aggressive action to protect their systems and data from attack. One novel approach involves crowdsourcing ethical hackers to find bugs and vulnerabilities.

Mary Sheehy Moe: Budget cuts turn teaching into crowd control, strip away innovation

Larger class size isn’t the only change that makes teaching harder.

How a Tiny Mountain Town Quadrupled Parking Fees

Many cities have seen success with raising meter rates and directing the revenue to sorely needed public services.

Idaho is closing more than half its employment offices, sending staff out into communities

Instead of meeting with people at a permanent office location, staff in the affected areas will instead travel between towns and neighborhoods.

Governors weigh in on broadband expansion, infrastructure permitting, cybersecurity

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum will share themes and policy goals for Reimagining the Rural West, his central policy effort in the coming year as WGA Chair, during a webinar at 10 a.m. MT on...

Billings Gazette opinion: Questions count in U.S. Census

The idea of deliberately skewing the census results is abhorrent first because it is dishonest, but also because it is contrary to the U.S. Constitution.

USDA Agency’s Relocation Could Affect Grantmaking Abilities, Union Says

“Moving a granting agency at the end of the fiscal year will have a detrimental impact on getting grant money out the door to our stakeholders,”


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