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Missoula-based TOMIS set to add 25 jobs amid growth in global tourism industry – Career Opportunities Available Now

TOMIS, based in Missoula, provides proprietary software and digital marketing assistance for tour operators throughout the world, ranging from fishing guides to wine tasting.

Great Falls city, county officials meet with legislators to talk about their needs

“We have a housing crisis at this point,” opened Jolene Schalper, Senior Vice President of the Great Falls Development Authority.

Historic flood shuts down Northern part of Yellowstone for rest of season

The extent of the damage to Yellowstone National Park is unknown at this point

The Bad Things That Happen When States Tell Cities What to Do

Pre-emption has been on the upswing in recent years, leaving many city leaders frustrated. Richard Schragger, author of City Power, talks about the fallout from this power struggle and how it can hurt urban growth.

Missoula City Council makes unpaid utility bills the responsibility of property owner, not tenant

According to the city, roughly 75% of unpaid utility bills register to properties that are owner occupied and 25% represent renters. Several members of the council pushed back against the change in ordinance, calling it inherently unfair.

Two Missoula firms seek state grant to hire 222 workers over next two years

Under the Big Sky grant, the jobs must pay at or above the county average wage, which is currently $22.83 an hour in Missoula County, according to the Missoula Economic Partnership.

Montana adding red tape to those who need help with healthcare

During the last session of the Legislature, Montana Republicans pushed forward legislation that requires Montanans to continuously prove their eligibility for Medicaid– every few months, you must report your income to the state government, despite the fact that you already told them when you signed up for Medicaid and you’re already required to reapply every year like everyone else with insurance does. Montana Democrats fought against these new requirements, but the Republicans were dead set on adding additional superfluous red tape to one of the state’s largest and most critical insurers.

Judge says Montana state agency can’t charge newspapers legal review fees

“This is a huge victory for transparency in government and for the public’s right to know.”

Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund – Good Paying Jobs to Promote Long-Term Stable Economic Growth in Montana

 Program guidelines are available, and includes more information about the program specifics, including eligibility, penalties, procedures and other requirements.

The Damage That Tech Monopolies Do (Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook): Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses tech monopolies, and how to address the hidden harm they can do.

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