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"The Technology Transfer System" Review by Tony Criswell

ALBERT E. MUIR THE TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER SYSTEM. LATHAM BOOK PUBLISHING, 1997. xiii +240 pp. $24.95 (HARDBACK). P. O. Box 908 LATHAM NY 12110-0908. Review by Tony N. Criswell, PMP [email protected] ********************* (Many thanks to…

WSU to get record $18 Million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy

“They do high-quality, impressive work that is noticed back here at headquarters,” said Bryan Wilkes, spokesman for the NNSA. "The grants not only improve the quality of education and research at WSU, they offer the school opportunities to reach out into the state," James Petersen, vice provost for research

Arizona State University puts muscle behind tech transfer

Since Michael Crow took the reins as president of Arizona State University, he has touted the benefits of university technology transfer. Now he has an organization that can put those benefits into effect. By: Adam…

Boston’s Blessing: A Cluster of University-based Research Activity

"The infusion of so much scientific and engineering activity should help any community weather the current economic crisis and be positioned for the next boom. The challenge for public policy makers and local tech-based economic development programs would be to minimize the export of so much opportunity."

Academia, corporate giants clash over patent

"The clash between academia and corporate giants led by Pfizer Inc. is a concept versus application conundrum: Should schools get a share of the riches if they make a fundamental discovery, secure a patent but don’t set down a clear path to developing a commercial product?"

Tech community must win the Tech Transfer numbers game

"This is why it is vital that community and elected leadership rally around funding for higher education and other major R&D institutions. Technology-led growth is, at a fundamental level, a numbers game. The greater amount of funds that support research, either basic or applied, the greater number of useful inventions, and ultimately the higher the commercial potential of the region."

Arizona State University to announce tech transfer office

"Technology transfer, the process by which university research is turned into viable businesses and products, has become a hot topic in Arizona as Gov. Janet Napolitano and high-tech businesses seek ways to boost the economy."

Colorado Governor appoints biosciences leader

Hansen said his office has been working for months with Colorado’s universities, venture capital investors, entrepreneurs and scientists to take ideas and turn them into businesses – what’s known as technology transfer.

University of Florida makes "earth-shaking difference" by licensing tech transfer opportunities to small startups

His strategy involves attracting venture capitalists and top-tier managers and researchers, as well as lawyers, accountants and others with entrepreneurial expertise, to North Florida. Several aspects of that strategy are beginning to take root — most notably the arrival of three venture capital companies: North Carolina-based Eno River Capital, Inflexion Fund and Academy Funds.

California University Research Program Proves Effective

The UC Discovery Grant program, a cooperative research program of the state of California, the University of California (UC) System, and industry has grown from a $3 million initial investment in 1996 to a source…