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Times Article on Rural School Misses Half the Story – Educational Success

Despite lack of funding, rural schools can serve as sites of learning, community, and excellence. We need to understand both the problems and opportunities to make good education policy.

Montana Chamber Foundation launches high school entrepreneurship contest

The Prospects is a virtual competition that for high school students with new business ideas and existing small businesses. The competition invests in the students, and connects them with mentors. Last year’s total purse was $52,500.

Senator Tester Secures More Than $850,000 in Rescue Plan Funding to Help Montana Students Access High-Speed Internet

“Far too many students across Montana still lack access to reliable broadband services and connected devices, which is why I am proud to have secured this funding to help get more Montana families online.”

Information on Childcare Stabilization ARPA Grant- Webinars

I encourage you all to visit this website from DPPHS. This website has all the current information on the childcare stabilization funds and will continue to be updated as new programs come to fruition. 

Great Falls Childcare Market Demand Assessment – Fed money to bolster child care in Montana now available

There is strong interest and demand for a new childcare facility or facilities.

Winifred, Montana community is enjoying school upgrades and more opportunities

Thanks to a big donation from Winifred native Norm Asbjornson, Winifred schools is expanding its opportunities for students and adding a lot more classes in the future. They have plans to add a greenhouse, a welding shop, more trades classes, and many other options as well.

Attention all High School Juniors – Join the Montana Aerospace Scholars today!

Do you love all things aviation and space related? Want to study it in depth while earning college credits in high school? Hoping to join a community that shares your passion for exploration? You should join the Montana Aerospace Scholars.

University of Montana law school students demand change, plan walk-out

Holland said students began planning the walkout after they heard the administration ignored reports of a predator, mishandled sexual assault allegations and leveled threats against students’ admission to the bar. She said trying to get a professional degree at a school that “consistently has ignored or even retaliated against survivors” makes it difficult for students.

How I Learned How to Say No With Confidence

For many people, saying no doesn’t come easy–but for effective leaders, it’s a critical skill.

Great Falls College’s cybersecurity program joins consortium to help high school teachers

“You’re a detective, a good guy,” she said. “But you get to think like a bad guy, the whole ethical hacker thing. You have to be able to think like a criminal in order to get the criminal. It’s really fun.”