Next Generation Broadband in Montana

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10 Gigabit Internet Is Coming Within a Decade

DOCSIS 4 and hybrid fiber coax will enable the next step of the Internet revolution. But there are some obstacles

Dixie EPA’s Accelerated Buildout Reflects a Big Connectivity Push by Mississippi Cooperatives

Over the past eighteen months, southeastern-Mississippi based Dixie Electric Power Association (Dixie EPA) has gone from presenting its initial buildout plans for a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network, all the way to connecting its 5,000th subscriber.

Does the ‘Future of Work’ Open a New Growth Horizon for Small Towns?

Remote work has been lifted up as a new opportunity for rural areas, but some old-fashioned obstacles remain. In small-town Missouri, creativity and collaboration are key for community leaders looking to overcome them.

Broadband Communities Summit 2022 – “Fiber: The Lifeblood of the New Economy” – 5/2-5/5 – Houston, Texas

As states and local governments look to leverage the flood of federal funds for the creation of ubiquitous high speed Internet access, an upcoming conference promises to be packed with practical insights from leading broadband experts on how to maximize the moment.

Are you getting all the internet you’re paying for? Here’s how to tell if your ISP is throttling your connection speed.

Testing your internet connection speed is easier than ever and you don’t even need to be a technology wizard. Here’s what you need to know.

Montana receives $30 million in transportation funding – Senator Tester’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Legislation is Signed into Law

Senator negotiated legislation with a small, bipartisan core group of Senators; Senator secured inclusion of Montana priorities like funding for the Milk River Project, billions for Montana highways, and significant high speed internet investments

‘Rural is not dying’: Quality of life is driving migration to Montana, says survey

Results from a newly published survey showed that most of Montana’s migrants, both from out of state and within, are giving rural communities a try for quality of life reasons, according to Tara Mastel, Montana State University Extension associate specialist for community development.

New Federal Broadband Funds Will Come With a Fight

The bipartisan infrastructure bill appears to transform how the federal government subsidizes broadband infrastructure. But evidence suggests that big companies may not allow the status quo to change without a fight.

Montana extends application deadline for broadband grants

The state’s initial deadline for companies to apply was April 8, but leaders extended that application window to April 29, because of strong demand and the amount of information needed.

NY State Budget Bill Sets Table for Municipal Broadband

In part MMM of the budget bill, it establishes a “municipal assistance program … to provide grant funding to municipalities, state and local authorities … to plan and construct infrastructure necessary to provide broadband services.”

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