Next Generation Broadband in Montana

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Telecom company acquires Frontier for $1.3B, plans fiber upgrades in NW Montana

Ziply Fiber’s new northwest operations will include Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, including the towns of Eureka, Troy and Libby.

Senator Tester’s Push for Rural Broadband Expansion in Montana Passes Congress, Heads to President’s Desk

Senator’s bill will expand rural broadband, direct the FCC to build more accurate coverage maps

States Look to Improve Upon Incomplete FCC Broadband Data

Here’s what Wisconsin, North Carolina and West Virginia have done to paint a clearer picture.

Microsoft’s Airband live in 25 states at midpoint of rural broadband project

Started in mid-2017, the Airband Initiative aims to eliminate the rural broadband gap and Microsoft said it’s on track to meet its target of expanding high-speed internet to 3 million Americans living in unserved areas by 2022.

‘How States Are Expanding Broadband Access’ – Why ‘rural broadband’ may no longer be an oxymoron

Many obstacles have stood in the way of high-quality internet access reaching folks in the boonies. But a new report says that there are finally signs of progress.

There Are Far More Americans Without Broadband Access than Previously Thought

The Federal Communications Commission says 21 million Americans lack broadband access, but a new report says the actual figure is double that.

New Momentum Building for State Broadband Support Work – How to Bridge the Broadband Gap: A Conversation with State Leaders.”

A new momentum has taken hold of state government work to support broadband infrastructure, access and usage.

CenturyLink took FCC cash, failed to deploy all required broadband in Montana and 22 other states – FCC approves more funds for broadband, voice service in rural America

CenturyLink has a history of mistreating customers.

Elon Musk Says He’s About to Deliver the Future of High-Speed Internet

Get your investment dollars ready.

How Gigabit Internet Is Turning Smaller U.S. Cities Into Tech Hot Spots

Hyperfast digital networks have turned some of America’s smaller cities into superstars.