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A Tradition Unlike Any Other… WILD NIGHT Auction and Raffle Preview! Hellgate Hunters & Anglers – 4/27 – Missoula

Wild Night for Wildlife is only two weeks away! We wanted to share a preview of some of our excellent live auction and raffle items:

New Missoula library lending free mountain bikes to kids

The Missoula Youth MTB Library lending children mountain bikes for the summer

Property taxes skyrocket statewide, but not for Montana Governor Greg Gianforte’s properties

An MTN analysis shows taxes on a Gianforte-owned home in Helena decreased while his neighbors saw tax hikes

Estado de Montana ofrecerá programa gratuito en español sobre oportunidades de educación superior 4/18 – 5/16

Montana State University ofrece un programa gratuito de cinco sesiones en español esta primavera para brindar a la comunidad latina del Valle de Gallatin información y la oportunidad de obtener un certificado en temas relacionados con la educación superior.

University of Montana Research Discovers New Way to Generate Human Cartilage

Grimes said there is a critical unmet need for new methods to regenerate human cartilage for the 230,000 children born annually in the U.S. with craniofacial defects. Growing cartilage in the laboratory also could lead to effective treatments to repair craniofacial cartilage damage due to injuries.

Welcome to the Age of Technofeudalism

In Yanis Varoufakis’ latest book, the former Greek finance minister argues that companies like Apple and Meta have treated their users like modern-day serfs.

Blackstone to take Apartment Income REIT private in $10 bln deal

A top real estate investor, Blackstone has been sharpening its focus on rental housing, betting on its revival as the supply of apartments in the U.S. is expected to decline due to a slowdown in construction.
This was likely to lift rental growth, which has over the past few months remained flat or declined modestly due to fresh supply in many U.S. markets.

Hope of breakthrough treatment for Parkinson’s from French team

The world first ‘shows unequivocally’ that the disease can be slowed using a medicine related to obesity drug Ozempic, researchers say

A Brief History of the Future on the PBS website now

A Brief History of the Future is a unique six-part documentary series about our futures and how we can reimagine them. Hosted by renowned futurist Ari Wallach, the show invites viewers on a journey around the world that is filled with discovery, hope, and possibility about where we find ourselves today and what could come next.

Montana offers several property tax assistance programs – Montana’s tax system ‘in serious trouble,’ hurts homeowners

April 15 isn’t only the deadline for filing your income tax return – it’s also a day that the Montana Department of Revenue is encouraging eligible property tax payers to submit an application for assistance programs.