Opportunity Zones

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The Missoula Economic Partnership organizing investor showcase to highlight Missoula’s opportunity zone

“It’s hard to get big capital to invest in anything in Missoula because it’s such a tiny market,” said Grant Kier, executive director at MEP.

Idaho Business Review forum: Experts discuss Opportunity Zone investment

For those willing to invest patient capital into projects in areas primed for redevelopment, an Opportunity Zone might be the right option

Want to save on taxes? An Opportunity Zone investment could be the right move

While this article is a not a deep dive into Opportunity Zones, it is a very brief overview of arguably the hottest pitch in real estate.

The Community and Economic Development Hierarchy

It’s an acknowledgement of the broader forces that control what happens at the local level.

Opportunity Zones – How a Trump Tax Break to Help Poor Communities Became a Windfall for the Rich

Even supporters of the initiative agree that the bulk of the opportunity-zone money is going to places that do not need the help, while many poorer communities are so far empty-handed.

New Twin Falls Building Will Be First Major Opportunity Zone Project In Idaho

“The idea behind the provision is to get money moved from paper investment stocks — from Wall Street, if you would — onto Main Street.”

Montana Opportunity Zone Subcontract Solicitation

In partnership with Montana Department of Commerce, Montana Economic Developers Association (MEDA) seeks an individual or firm with the qualities and expertise to work with Montana’s Opportunity Zones on the tasks identified in the Scope of Work below.

City Provides $50,000 in funding to the Missoula Economic Partnership (MEP) to develop investment in the Missoula Opportunity Zone.

“Cities across the country are taking proactive steps to position themselves to maximize the investments that will come from this tax incentive,”

How Opportunity Zones and Co-Working Spaces Joined Forces

Lured by the lower cost of shared office space, start-ups also gain access to a network of eager investors looking for companies to back

Both Democrats and Republicans Love ‘Opportunity Zones’—and That’s a Bad Sign

More important, opportunity zones represent the latest iteration of an idea that has failed over and over again: identifying a particular place as poor and offering tax breaks to invest there.

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