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Stand Up to the Attacks on Our University Tech Transfer System

“You have inherited a system which took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to create. Its benefits are clear to anyone who cares to look, but we need to constantly educate our policy makers, the media and the public because what they often hear is a quite different message.”

From dorm rooms to board rooms: How universities are promoting entrepreneurship – Is yours participating?

15 institutions partnered to create a centralized pool of licensable IP

Should Universities Try to Capture More Value from Their Research?

Universities with policies and resources devoted to commercialization efforts, aided by academic staff with commercialization experience and which are more interdisciplinary, are much more successful at translating research for commercial outcomes.

MSU featured as case study in report highlighting innovative energy efficiency strategies

“We’re in good company with these case studies,” which include Stanford University and Cornell Tech, said Megan Sterl, MSU’s engineering and utilities manager. “It shows that we’re proving a model of energy conservation and innovation that can be adopted by others.”

Montana State University researchers receive $6 million to advance quantum internet

“We’re looking a decade or more ahead, and this is where the internet is going,” said project leader John Roudas, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in MSU’s Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering. “This is a very good opportunity for MSU to play a leading role in this arena.”

Term Sheet Recommendations for Launching University Life Science Startups

Here is a set of best practices, meant to benefit universities and VCs more broadly.

Montana State University scientist Blake Wiedenheft who shared in Nobel Prize-winning research celebrates award announcement

Wiedenheft, whose work in Doudna’s lab as a postdoctoral researcher contributed to the breakthrough discovery that earned her what is widely considered science’s top honor, immediately sent a heartfelt note of congratulations to his mentor, whom he described as a humble champion of higher education.

MSU researchers receive $500,000 grant to make fungus-based building material

“We’re trying to take a whole new approach to making building materials.”

Montana State University research expenditures hit record high

“Research, creativity and innovation are fundamental to our land-grant mission, and this record year of scholarship shows that MSU faculty and researchers are excelling on that front,” Carter said.

The University of Montana has set a new record for research expenditures, exceeding $100 million for the first time in its history.

This is a 16% increase over the previous high of $90.6 million in FY2018 and a 90% increase from FY2014.

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