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The state with the best education wins!

Oregon Economic Development

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Rural Oregon joins push for faster internet

The internet provided wouldn’t quite match the fiber optic connections offered in bigger cities, Cikanek said, but it would be a major boost for rural areas across the country, many of which have yet to emerge from the copper-cable, dial-up era.

The Portland Innovation Quadrant

The mission of the IQ is to bring together industry, education, and government in a coordinated effort to create the conditions where innovation, equity, and economic growth can prosper through geographic proximity.

Virtual Incubation Program looks to help rural entrepreneurs

Rural entrepreneurs with a promising business idea could win $1000 at the conclusion of an eight week Virtual Incubation Program (VIP) beginning Thursday offered by the Oregon Technology Business Center (OTBC) with sponsorship from the Oregon Community Foundation.

Oregon’s education models must reflect industry and student needs

Career-focused workforce development is key to ensuring economic prosperity for all Oregonians.

Is Oregon great? Science projects aim to put the state’s universities on the map

The University of Oregon breaks ground March 2 on the first phase of what it says will be a $1 billion campus with a mandate to make scientific discoveries – and quickly.

Portland State woos low-income transfers with Oregon Promise-like ‘free’ program

It comes on the heels of a separate program introduced last year aimed at high-achieving first-year freshman from low-income households, which school officials touted as one of the reasons PSU had the largest freshman class in school history.

Through boom or bust, Oregon small town rides theme to maintain identity

As more people moved to Bend and Redmond in the early 2000s, roughly 22 miles away, the mayor of Sisters predicted the town’s future was probably set as a bedroom community — a place people could find housing to afford lives in larger cities.

Portland forges new program for affordable commercial space – Affordable Commercial Tenanting Program

Prosper Portland has created the Affordable Commercial Tenanting Program to address a recent dramatic increase in retail rents and decrease in vacancy rates in the city of Portland, which have resulted in the displacement of small businesses from Portland’s urban neighborhoods.

The ‘last best place in Oregon without a brewery’ wants to change that situation

Madras, Oregon, is thirsting for a piece of the craft-beer action, offering incentives and technical assistance to lure its first brewery.

Portland’s tech community grows more diverse, slowly

Oregon’s tech sector, like the industry nationwide, is overwhelmingly white and male. That effectively excludes a growing share of an increasingly diverse population from some of the most lucrative jobs available.


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