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Inclusive ‘Placemaking’ Leads to Civic Renewal

Cities across America are working to build more inclusive economies. A good way to start is by creating neighborhoods that are great places to live, work, and play, and are accessible, affordable, and welcoming to as many people as possible.

Six Community Broadband Networks Demonstrate Diversity of Approaches to Connectivity Challenges

One might think this is the moment for community broadband networks. The truth is, locally-directed networks have been serving their communities for a long, long time.

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Communities Across the Country will be able to Apply for $3 Billion in Funding Immediately

Today, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo announced six programs, collectively called Investing in America’s Communities, that the Economic Development Administration (EDA) will execute to equitably invest the $3 billion it received from President Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

Why Rural America Needs Immigrants

There is no better place to help grow our economy than rural communities like ours. We need smart public policy for sustained growth – and immigration reform would be a big one part.

Transportation: From plugs to communications, Missoula planners eye electric future- (But are they thinking far enough ahead?)

Within the next decade, electric vehicles are likely to represent nearly 25% of all new vehicles.

NACo Broadband Task Force: High-Speed Internet Is Essential For All Counties

The NACo Broadband Task Force, as appointed by President Gary Moore of Kentucky, was chartered with the premise that “if you can’t connect… you can’t compete.” It is the equity issue of our hour.

Google Just Unlocked The Mysteries Of Travel Demand—And The Tourism Industry Can’t Wait To Have At It

The technology company is launching Travel Insights with Google, a brand new suite of free tools that leverage Google Search data to deliver insights into real-time travel demand.

What happens to the economy when $5.2 trillion in stimulus wears off?

“Our economy does not do a terribly good job of slowing without creating a lot of pain,” America’s nascent economic boom has been propped up by history’s most expensive training wheels. Some doubt it will be able to keep growing under its own power.

It’s Time for Economic Developers to Focus on Transportation

Regions with an efficient transportation network stand a better chance of boosting productivity through shorter commutes.