Montana Education/Business Partnerships

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Prospera Announces Statewide Funding Opportunity Empowering Women-Owned Businesses

To foster entrepreneurship and drive economic growth, Prospera is offering a total of $18,000 in funds to assist three deserving women-owned businesses in achieving their business growth goals.

Nearly $4.5 million directed to local school districts through tax credit program

Donors — taxpayers, estates, trusts or businesses — can donate money to two separate buckets of recipients: K-12 public schools and organizations that provide scholarships to private school students. The portal opened on Jan. 17, and by the end of the day, nearly $4.4 million had been donated to local school districts and over $3.9 million to student scholarship organizations.

Missoula College Awarded $10K Grant to Support Diesel Technology Students

The $10,000 award, provided by Modern Machinery and The Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation, will directly support the students enrolled in the Diesel Technology Program at Missoula College’s West Campus.

Montana State awarded grant to boost high-performance computing capacity

The upgrade will roughly double current computation capacity and increase computing performance for some workloads tenfold, he said. 

Montana tax payments can be directed to public school systems

Montana taxpayers have the ability to participate in a dollar-for-dollar tax credit program as tax season begins.

How can AI bring academic research to the fore?

A platform recommends relevant research and makes it easier to understand

Montana college grads likely to earn more than average resident less than 5 years after graduation

Newly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that a vigorous investment in workforce training might be a good bet for colleges looking to remain relevant in a changing economy and for students eager to grow employment and earning potential over time.

Public Higher Ed and the Real Value of Arts and Humanities

In a time of disinvestment and other budget pressures, these programs are too often the first to be cut. But they are where students learn to have difficult conversations in an atmosphere of free inquiry and expression.

Horse to Human – The Next Generation in Horsemanship – 9/5-7 – The Montana Center for Horsemanship in Dillon, Montana

Horse to Human – the Next Generation in Horsemanship, in partnership with Montana Western and EQUUS International Film Festival, will bring Nick Dowers, Bryan Neubert and Joe Wolter together for three days of clinics, including Horsemanship and Cow Working. Participants with horses can apply to be in each three-day class but auditing is open to all.

Rocky Vista announces plans for Billings, Montana college of veterinary medicine amid growing vet shortage

Rocky Vista University, which currently operates a college of osteopathic medicine, announced Thursday that it would be building a college of veterinary medicine on its Billings campus.