Montana Governor Greg Gianforte

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How Our Property Tax System Robs the Poor to Pay the Wealthy

Discover the shocking truth about a secret racket in America that’s been hiding in plain sight for years; High-value homes are escaping their fair share of property taxes, burdening less wealthy neighbors and straining city budgets. Join us as we unveil the reverse Robin Hood grift that’s affecting communities across the United States.

Governors’ Unique Role in Building a Clean-Energy Economy

As funds flow from the Inflation Reduction Act for projects across the country, getting the full benefit of this landmark law will depend on governors seizing the moment.

Former Montana revenue director says property tax system ‘rigged,’ ‘broken’

Homeowners and renters in Montana are about to experience the largest property tax increase in history — and it’s by design, said Dan Bucks, former head of the Montana Department of Revenue.

Montana’s expert witnesses in climate change trial billed state $95K

So what did the State of Montana get for $95,000 in expert witness fees in the landmark Held vs. State of Montana case? The answer: Not much. Montana paid nearly one-hundred grand to debunk climate change and then only called one witness who was, by most accounts, eviscerated on the stand.

Greg Gianforte: Delivering income and property tax relief for Montanans

To ease the property tax burden, we must reform our system and bring greater transparency, accountability, and responsibility to local spending. I’m committed to getting it done.

Biden Harris Administration Opens Applications For States & Territories To Implement $8.5 Billion For Home Energy Rebates As Part Of Investing In America Agenda

Thanks to these programs, hundreds of thousands of households in need will benefit from free or reduced cost clean energy upgrades for their homes.

Tester’s Public Schedule Legislation Would Require All Members of Congress to Post Daily Public Schedules Online As He Does

“Montanans elected me to represent their interests, and that means keeping them informed about who I’m meeting with, what I’m working on, and where I’m spending my time as Montana’s senior Senator,” said Tester. “That’s why I started posting my public schedule back in 2007, and it’s why I’ve kept it updated to this day — and I hope my colleagues will follow suit. If we want to inject some real transparency into our government, we’ve got to start holding Members of Congress accountable and this bill is a step in the right direction.”

Building a stronger Montana Montana Governor Greg Gianforte

As important as mining is to our economy, it’s equally important to our way of life.

Democratic lawmakers call for special session to enact Montana tax relief measures

“After dragging their feet and doing nothing on property taxes for the 90-day legislative session, Democrats now want to come back to Helena, eat lobbyists’ steak dinners and waste taxpayer resources all to do nothing again,” spokesperson Kaitlin Price said in an email.

Montana to receive $629M for broadband, updated plan to be presented July 12

Citing data from the Federal Communications Commission in December, the Governor’s Office noted one in three Montanans don’t have access to broadband, three times the national average. It said three in five people in rural communities lack access.