Montana Governor Greg Gianforte

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Montana Training Directors Strongly Oppose Governor’s Move to Change Apprenticeship Ratios  

“Drastically changing the current ratio to 2:1 reduces the quality of training and in the end produces a less skilled workforce for Montana. This way of thinking is contradictory to the concept of apprenticeship and its purpose.”

Montana Launches $7.5 Million Value-Added Agriculture Grant Program – 3 reasons agriculture is poised for a surge of sustainable innovation

Governor Greg Gianforte today launched a $7.5 million Agriculture Infrastructure Grant Program to invest in value-added agricultural products across the state and strengthen the industry.

Gov. Gianforte, Commerce Announce $10 Million for New Workforce Training Program

“These grants will build a stronger Montana workforce and empower Montana workers with the skills they need to succeed and thrive,” Gov. Gianforte said. “These grants will help us to close skill gaps, create more good-paying Montana jobs, and expand career opportunities for more Montanans.”

Montana relief funds recommended to recruit health care workers – $12,500 for out-of-state health worker

$12,500 in relocation expenses, plus the taxes on that additional income, to each out-of-state health worker who comes to Montana to work for at least a year.

Gov. Gianforte Announces Significant Step to Expand Broadband in Montana

The state has released a Request for Information (RFI) to support the ConnectMT Act broadband program, one of the first major steps in closing the digital divide for Montana.

Montana – Where Facts Were No Match for Fear – New York Times

Civic boosters in central Montana hoped for some federal money to promote tourism. A disinformation campaign got in the way.

Governor Gianforte Officially Opens Montana Asia Trade Office in Taiwan

“By reestablishing our physical presence in Taipei, our producers and manufacturers will have even greater access to this important market, ushering in new opportunities for Montanans and the people of Taiwan.” Gov. Gianforte

Fed money to bolster child care in Montana now available

Child-care providers in Montana can start applying for a share of $31 million in federal funds, meant to bolster their business and make a dent in the state’s shortage of child-care slots.

Gov. Gianforte talks about ARPA, biodiesel and voting integrity

The governor’s office contacted the Sidney Herald on Wednesday morning and asked the newspaper to remove the post for security purposes and stated the “town hall” was not open to the public and specific business owners and stakeholders had been invited to the meeting to discuss specific topics. The post was removed as requested and replaced with one debating the governor’s use of the term “town hall” for a closed meeting.

Gov. Gianforte, Montana State Agencies Blast BLM Over Its American Prairie Reserve Bison Grazing Proposal

Gov. Gianforte wrote. “Any action that could threaten the stability of Montana’s livestock industry, its ability to market healthy products, or the strength of its socioeconomic fabric deserves to be fully vetted and analyzed in an honest, thorough manner.”