The Telecommuting and Gig Workforce in Montana

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How Will Americans Commute After Lockdowns End?

Will car traffic surge as lockdowns end, or will millions of Americans decide to bike, walk, or work from home permanently?

Five Changes Facing Public Employees When They Return to the Office – If They Do

After eight weeks of being “safe at home,” getting back to the workplace sounds good — but don’t bet on it.

Building a coast-to-coast Silicon Valley

What if Silicon Valley companies encouraged them to live and work from the myriad of affordable, livable cities desperate to attract and retain tech talent?

From Missoula, Montana to New Orleans, how aspiring tech hubs are fighting to survive COVID-19

A GE departure, layoffs at ClassPass and other shocks raise a question: Will smaller cities become attractive tech centers in a changing economy — or will they suffer the most?

Podcast – Client-Data Security Whilst Working Remote – Sherri Davidoff of Missoula, Montana-based LMG Security

Sherri Davidoff of LMG Security gives tips for securing client data and spotting phishing emails in work-remote environments.

Twitter employees can work from home forever, CEO says

Twitter’s new policy comes as businesses across the nation are struggling to adapt to social distancing guidelines.

An Overlooked Resource for Rebuilding Local Economies: Angels

Locally focused investors support the innovative entrepreneurial ecosystems that will produce high-paying jobs in the post-pandemic world. Public officials can learn a lot from their angel investors.

COVID-19 showed my company a better way to work—with 50% fewer offices

OpenText didn’t set out to shift to remote work. But it’s gone so well that 2,000 of its 15,000 employees will work from home on a permanent basis.

Boise or Bozeman bound? Redfin CEO predicts big shift to smaller cities as remote work takes hold

“More people will leave San Francisco, New York and even Seattle, some for nearby towns like Sacramento and Tacoma that are close enough to support a weekly office visit, others for a completely remote life in Charleston, Boise, Bozeman or Madison.”

Looking Past COVID-19: State CIOs on What Comes Next

What will the world look like when this is all over? “This is a structural change. This isn’t temporary.”