The Telecommuting and Gig Workforce in Montana

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Montana is 3rd worst state for working from home

Internet costs and average home square footage were also listed below average for the state

Remote Work Certificate Program Update – Montana State University Extension Community Development

Can we keep Montana’s Remote Workers for Montana-based Companies?

Big Sky Business Insight Summit May 18 – 20, 2022 in the ALI Auditorium at University of Montana.

This year’s Summit will address specific challenges to cultivating and sustaining a healthy workforce: housing and childcare.

The surprising link between Covid-19 deaths and … internet access

The case for treating internet access as a health necessity.

Interesting commentary on remote vs. hybrid vs. in office companies and how this will impact their future.

I think we’ll see a lot of companies embrace a hybrid option whose in office frequency will probably vary by team, ranging from a few days a week to once a month. I think we’ll also see people start to gravitate towards companies that support their personality preference.

New Residents Aren’t Taking Pay Cuts to Move to Montana

On average, new residents who moved to Montana in 2020 earned more than existing Montana residents. In fact, the top 10% of new residents had an average household federal adjusted gross income of nearly $600,000, compared to $312,760 for the top 10% of full-year residents

Should in-office workers be paid more?

To pull reluctant workers back to the office, some employers are upping pay packets and offering perks just for stepping through the door. Is it the right approach?

TREPADEMICS – Remote Worker Skills and Virtual Internships

Did we mention we also write and win grants, big and small at the community, local, county, regional, state and federal levels?

More Montanans quitting, retiring amid nationwide labor shortage

We asked the Montana Department of Labor and Industry for an interview twice, but they said they would only answer questions through email.

Gov. Gianforte Announces $6 Million Investment in Montana’s Rapid Workforce Training – Informational Session on February 24

New program to train up to 5,000 new or upskilled employees to build Montana’s workforce over the next two years

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