Missoula-Florence Hwy 93 safety study presentation – Video

Hello friends and fellow advocates, Thanks to those of you who could join the Reserve St. Public Working Group today for the presentation by involved officials on the Missoula-Florence Hwy 93 safety study with suggested solutions!

Here is access to the meeting recording if you’re interested and you missed the meeting. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family! -Kevin

Passcode: #WiLK!E8

Let’s Improve Missoula’s Reserve Street Zoom Meetings Every Tuesday at 9AM.  Come Join the Conversation


Reforms Are Coming to American Road Design

The federal government is in the final stages of updating outdated regulations that contribute to the traffic safety crisis. Here are the key changes we’ll be looking out for.

NBC News Video – Roundabouts on the rise across the U.S. in push to create safer roadways

Studies show they drive down serious injury and crash fatality rates.

City of Missoula awarded $380,000 for Reserve Street safety study – What do you think should be done?

Missoula has been awarded a grant to conduct a safety study on Reserve Street which could pave the way for future safety improvements.

Google’s Green Light project retimes traffic lights for 30% fewer stops

Through its Maps app, Google has access to a monster trove of daily traffic data – and it’s using it to provide cities with free, AI-optimized traffic signal timing suggestions that could reduce stop/starts by 30% and intersection emissions by 10%.

Cell Phone Tracking And Cameras May Soon Help Cops Issue Distracted Driver Tickets

Speeding and red light cameras may soon be joined by distracted driving cameras

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