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K-12 public school cuts will darken University of Montana and Montana’s future – The State with the Best Education Wins!

Not only do these cuts make it less likely for students to pursue creative careers through the University, they also hurt new graduates’ abilities to find teaching jobs in Montana.

UM and Wells Fargo Launch Rural Entrepreneurship And Leadership Co-Lab for Women

Since 2020, women have created about half of new businesses filed in the U.S. up from about 29% previously, according to a 2023 U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship report. As women continue opening businesses, this initiative recognizes the importance of prioritizing rural communities across the nation and aims to address the growing need for solution-finding for rural economies.

City of Bozeman in early stages of kick starting summertime internship and mentorship program.

City staff are searching for businesses who want to participate in either the internship or mentorship parts of the program.

Food, Ag & Bio Processing Newsletter from GFDA

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Tech Job Interviews Are Out of Control

Tech companies are famous for coddling their workers, but after mass layoffs the industry’s culture has shifted. Engineers say that getting hired can require days of work on unpaid assignments.

Why Google, General Mills and other companies are ending on-site childcare

America has a legacy of treating childcare far more as a private-market good like a gym membership or pet care than a societal obligation like public school or parks.

Want to Live a Meaningful Life? Be the Hero of Your Story – Knowledge at Wharton Podcast

Wharton’s Jonah Berger explains how people can find meaning and resilience by making themselves the hero of their own story.

Q&A: Older and unemployed? Here’s how to overcome the stigma and move forward

Some timely advice for the laid-off from author and professor, Ofer Sharone

10 new Montana nonprofit jobs

More Nonprofit jobs

City extends police department’s ‘life changing’ 4-day workweek pilot

The decision comes after the data shows that the 32-hour workweek resulted in faster emergency response times and cost savings