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University of Montana Health Science Symposium to Feature Student Air Quality Research – 5/14 – Skaggs Building and the Underground Lecture Hall

More than 250 high school students from schools across western Montana, including Helena, Corvallis, Ronan, Libby and Missoula, will present their air quality research findings. Through their research and related classroom activities, students participating in the REACH program learned about the risks associated with indoor air pollution – especially within homes, schools and local businesses.

Leadership Intensive Fundamentals of Community Organizing – 5/29-30 – Missoula

Overall, this two-day institute equips community members with the skills and knowledge to understand the importance of the role of civic society in a healthy local Democracy. 

Are you prepared to sell or transition ownership of your company?  MMEC CASE STUDY –  Transition Readiness/Change of Control

When business owners initiate the change of control themselves, they have an opportunity to help shape the transition, and the sale terms and conditions – if they are well- prepared, well- supported, and maintain focus.

Jerry Seinfeld Just Said Lifelong Success, Happiness, and Fulfillment Comes Down to Just 2 Words

And while you might not always love the process, you will love the result, especially in terms of how it makes you feel.

Montana lawmakers agree to draft legislation on insurance solutions for childcare providers

Survey found most providers interested in insurance pool to keep down costs

Cascade County, Montana home listings asked for less money in April – Welcome to the Great Falls region!

Compared to April 2023, the median home list price decreased 13.6% from $432,450.

The right way to hire an AI-ready workforce

It’s critical to bring new talent into the organization that has the uniquely human skills that AI lacks. This underscores the importance of meticulous talent acquisition. 

Economic diversification is key to Wyoming’s future

We cannot let our reverence for our past economic drivers keep us from looking for, and embracing, what’s next.

How Paris became a 15-minute city

In his new book, ‘The 15-Minute City,’ Carlos Moreno explains how Paris has radically transformed—and how the proximity concept is growing globally.

The International Day of Light – 5/18 – Bozeman, Montana

Join Montana Photonics & Quantum Alliance (MPQA) and the MSU Optics & Photonics Society (OPS) to celebrate the International Day of Light next weekend, Saturday, May 18 at the Montana Science Center (MSC) & the Museum of the Rockies!