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Revelry: Multiple businesses set up in historic former church in downtown Missoula

Kiah Hochstetler and an investor business partner bought the former First Baptist Church building at 308 W. Pine St. in 2019 and have been busy attracting tenants ever since. It’s now called The Revelry Missoula.

In-road inductive charging tests demonstrate unlimited EV range

The world’s fifth-largest automaker has built and tested a charge-as-you-drive system – a loop of road in Italy with wireless EV charging coils embedded under the surface, so that electric cars can charge as they drive and unlock unlimited range.

Robotic Parking Gains in the U.S.

The vast majority of parking garages are of the “old fashioned” drive-in, park-it-yourself, drive-out variety. But robotic parking systems are gaining a foothold.

Designing for Humans in the Livable Self-Driving City

Autonomous vehicles provide an opportunity to reconsider the way we’ve built our cities.

Goodbye range anxiety! YouTuber shows the battery breakthrough that lets electric vehicles charge in mere minutes

This innovation, when it hits the market, is bound to make the cars even more popular, combining the good cause of reducing one’s carbon footprint with the efficiency of quick charging.

Lightyear 0 production solar car could run for months without charging

Dutch company Lightyear has unveiled what it claims is the world’s first production-ready solar car. The Lightyear 0 is a family sedan with 5 sq m (53.8 sq ft) of solar panels built in, capable of generating up to 70 km (44 miles) of charge-free driving a day.

Building Resilient Cities That Are Ready for Climate Change

Efforts like reducing carbon emissions are important to fight climate change, but cities should also be looking at how they can reinforce roads, stabilize electric grids and use new technologies to build resilient communities.

Solid-state batteries could be key for EVs—and they’re making a leap toward mass production

Solid-state batteries are capable of holding much more energy per unit of mass than today’s lithium-ion batteries, which means an EV could go for much longer before needing to be recharged.

Let’s End Traffic Stops

“Should NHTSA take into consideration systems, such as intelligent speed assist systems, which determine current speed limits and warn the driver or adjust the maximum traveling speed accordingly?” the agency asks tentatively, inviting feedback from the public.

Oregon’s ambitious sustainable power plant

An Oregon utility has constructed a renewable energy power plant that relies on wind, solar energy and batteries to power the grid when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

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