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Hellgate Venture Network Next Meeting: Sova PLLC – Jenn Ewan & Erika Peterman – 5/17 – Missoula

We’re excited to have Jenn Ewan and Erika Peterman as our speakers at this month’s HVN meeting. Jenn and Erika recently joined forces to create Sova which provides an innovative combination of legal, creative, and strategic expertise, working closely with entrepreneurs and the high tech community.

Hellgate Venture Network Event – Speaker: Sellout – 3/8 — Missoula, Montana

Hellgate Venture Network brings the community and thought leaders together to create the community we want to live in. Networking, communication and great local beer all connect with the Hellgate Venture Network.

Hellgate Venture Network, Linnea Stanhope And The C3 Work Lounge Co-working Spacing -1/11 – Missoula

This month’s meeting features Linnea Stanhope who will tell us about the C3 Work Lounge a co-working spacing opening in the Old Sawmill District this summer. We are excited to be hosted in the new Stockman Bank Building on the corner of Orange and Broadway. Thanks to Bob Burns and his team at Stockman for hosting!

Hellgate Venture Network Christmas Party – 12/14 – Missoula

Our legendary Annual Holiday Party. Feel free to bring seasonal beverages, treats and plenty of Holiday Cheer!

Hellgate Venture Network – Colleen Rudio, Cascadia Business Development – 10/12 – Missoula

Colleen will share insights from her journey as both entrepreneur and business advisor and bringing a new offering to market.

Hellgate Venture Network With James Stephens, Blue Marble Biomaterials – 9/28 – Missoula

"Lessons learned through a mini-IPO (Reg A+) failure" with James Stephens of Blue Marble Biomaterials

Hellgate Venture Network – Joe Sample: Voicesifter, 8/17 – Missoula, Montana

Our next meeting will feature Joe Sample, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Voicesifter a cloud based customer feedback application. We’ve been using Voicesifter at the Blackstone LaunchPad, and we love it!

Hellgate Venture Network – Red Storm Defense Products, 7/20, Missoula, Montana

Our next meeting features Steve Mangold and Joe Anderson of Red-Storm Defense, developers of an innovative, patented bear spray and home defense technology.

Hellgate Venture Network Presentation From Jim Lueders, Founder Of Wildwood Brewing, 6/15, Missoula

Our next meeting will feature Jim Lueders, Founder of Wildwood Brewing, who will share his vision for Wildwood and more broadly for "sustainable systems" around the brewing process and industry!

Hellgate Venture Network – Next Meeting – Goodworks Ventures, 5/18, Missoula

Goodworks Ventures, LLC was formed in 2007 as a Montana based and focused impact fund to support, nurture and empower visionary people and organizations that are creating the world we want to live in.