Energy and Climate Change

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Milan turned 250,000 square feet of parking into public space

Launched before the pandemic, this program has only become more relevant.

Tesla partners with California utility by offering Powerwall customers money to participate

By signing up, Powerwall owners will receive $2 for every additional kilowatt-hour they feed to the grid during designated “events” when the grid is under a lot of stress. That includes any time the California grid operator, CAISO, issues an energy alert, warning or emergency.

Transforming Missoula’s Brooks Street Corridor

For more than 20 years, the City of Missoula has been considering how to transform Brooks Street from a highway commercial strip that emphasizes vehicular traffic to a multi-modal transportation route that is also friendly to buses, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Northwestern Energy – Bright Magazine

Energy companies have a long history of improving the quality of life for our communities. In this issue of Bright magazine, we focus on the innovations taking place at NorthWestern Energy.

Micromobility Growing in Smaller Cities

Shared mobility services are proliferating in small towns and cities, despite the regulatory hiccups operators have been experiencing in larger markets.

For Vibrant U.S. Cities, Invest in Multi-Modal Transportation

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, offers U.S. states and cities the chance to invest in transportation systems that modernize infrastructure, expand access and mobility for all people in a community, improve public health and safety, and boost local economies.

6 Steps to Planning Complete Streets

Download this guide for practical guidance on improving safety, public health, and equity through more complete, multimodal-friendly streets.

Hungarian Company Introduces Improved Solar Modules For Solar Pavement

“They rely on a new frame structure that provides better protection for the glass surface,” Marketing Manager Helga Ruscsák told pv magazine. “They can be used for pavement, terraces, driveways, sidewalks, parks, bicycle roads, marinas, and low traffic roads, as well as for other industrial and off-grid applications.”

Streets Are for Building Community Wealth. Here’s Why That’s So Important.

Streets designed for humans on foot build more wealth than those designed for automobile throughput, and it’s not even close.

How Safe Are Autonomous Vehicles?

Comprehensively addressing autonomous vehicle safety, writes Wilson, “will require cities to think more deeply about designing safe roadway environments where no car is likely to kill.”

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