Energy and Climate Change

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Rick Steves on Walkability Lessons From Europe

Many of Europe’s pedestrian-friendly, transit-rich cities weren’t always that way.

Anker Introduces Modular Whole-Home Battery System

The system offers software that can keep your home tickin’ when the grid takes a lickin’.

Biden To Set 100% Tariff On Electric Cars Made In China — Solar Panels May Be Next

It’s not official yet, but the Wall Street Journal says the Biden administration this week is expected to increase the import tariffs on electric cars made in China from 25% to 100%, a move that may embolden regulators in the European Union to do likewise. The US also adds 2.5% on top of the base tariff just for good measure.

Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory just captured ominous signals about the planet’s health

Atmospheric levels of planet-warming carbon dioxide aren’t just on their way to yet another record high this year — they’re rising faster than ever, according to the latest in a 66-year-long series of observations

8 Things To Know About Electric School Bus Repowers

Repowering existing school buses with a new electric drivetrain shows promise to provide school bus operators with a lower cost and more sustainable vehicle compared to buying a brand-new electric school bus.

University of Montana Health Science Symposium to Feature Student Air Quality Research – 5/14 – Skaggs Building and the Underground Lecture Hall

More than 250 high school students from schools across western Montana, including Helena, Corvallis, Ronan, Libby and Missoula, will present their air quality research findings. Through their research and related classroom activities, students participating in the REACH program learned about the risks associated with indoor air pollution – especially within homes, schools and local businesses.

Why Some Cities Want to Combine Transit Agencies – How About Bus Systems in Missoula?

Chicago and San Francisco are looking to consolidate the transit agencies in their respective cities, proposals backed by state lawmakers. Advocates say such reforms could improve service for riders and make it easier for politicians to address funding issues.

The Father of the 15-Minute City Doubles Down on His Vision In New Book

In the wake of attacks by conspiracy theorists, Carlos Moreno is out with a new book that seeks to school the world on his pervasive urban planning concept.

Zooming in on Electric Vehicles: How Duluth, Minnesota, Is Preparing for the EV Future

Improving reliable, equitable, and widespread access to electric vehicle charging infrastructure in all communities will be critical to ensuring the continued success of the EV revolution.

Big Sky Rail Authority: ‘We are no longer debating feasibility’

Big Sky Rail Authority Chairperson Dave Strohmaier said a federal rail study identifies two long-distance routes through Montana as preferred, an east-west line connecting Seattle to Chicago and a north-south line to Billings.