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"For small to medium to national organizations, for events and fundraisers of any size, in any format – live, virtual or hybrid – the platform is built for scale."

How to Host an Online Raffle and Win!

Eventgroove has helped thousands of nonprofits transition to and raise funds with online raffles, and our aim is to help you do the same.

Eventgroove – How A Film Festival Went Virtual

Bow Wow Film Fest: 5 years of film tours, first year going virtual When the world changed seemingly overnight as COVID-19 infiltrated the US, events were canceled with vigor and all but essential business operations…

All-In-One Fundraising FAQs – Eventgroove

You may be asking…how can I customize my campaign? We’ve got you covered. These articles will answer some popular questions about all-in-one fundraising and ensure you have the information you need to create your ideal fundraising campaign!

How Lance Trebesch & Montana’s Eventgroove Help Customers Have Successful Events and Fundraisers

Eventgroove has served more than half a million people across Australia, Canada, the USA, and the UK. Eventgroove has a one-stop integrated platform with three comprehensive services: event management, ecommerce, and fundraising.

Eventgroove – Why Direct-Mail Marketing Matters in 2021

It’s the perfect way to cut through the virtual noise to connect with new customers or donors.

Eventgroove – How to Monetize Your Livestream Performances

Lucky for all of us, these guys are sharing their secrets to driving not only higher engagement from virtual concert attendees, but how to monetize them beyond what they even thought possible! Check out what they did and how you can apply the same strategy to your livestream music performances.

Eventgroove – Three Virtual Company Fundraising Ideas and Why CSR Is Important

Corporate social responsibility’s (CSR) impact reaches far beyond your organization’s nonprofit partner. It affects morale, is an asset to human resources, and positively impacts your brand in a real way.

Eventgroove – Fun Virtual Team Building That Doesn’t Require Zoom

What’s a manager to do to build morale and have fun with their team while keeping everybody safely apart?

Tips for Successfully Promoting Virtual Events in 2021 – Eventgroove

Even down the road when the pandemic abates, the event landscape (like the workplace) will be forever changed—though live events will return, virtual events are here to stay. 

How to Pivot and Plan a Great Virtual Fundraiser – Eventgroove

The accessibility of online as well as hybrid events enables everyone to participate.