Eventgroove – How to Monetize Your Livestream Performances


The musician’s dilemma

Performers in the music industry have long relied on live concerts to build and sustain a following. Live shows can be the ultimate way to engage, impress, and surprise fans, not to mention the best way to drive revenue. So when the option to produce a live show is removed from the equation, what are we left with? The next best option would be to livestream your show, right? However, we’ve seen so many “flops” in regards to livestreamed concerts. Depending on your experience and the team you have to work with (or lack thereof) you may run into some of these same livestream “no-no’s”. These include poor sound quality, slow internet connection, less-than-adequate lighting, and the absence of performance structure. The main thing you should be concerned about is finding a way to earn money through these livestreams.

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