Privacy, Hacking and Virus Alerts

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The Workaday Life of the World’s Most Dangerous Ransomware Gang

A Ukrainian researcher leaked 60,000 messages from inside Conti. Here’s what they reveal.

Five Truths About Privacy That Can Help Keep Your Company’s Data Safe

Everyone knows that data needs to be protected from hackers.

Boise State Offering Security as a Service to Rural Agencies

With the addition of Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform, Boise State’s Cyberdome program will offer enterprise-level cybersecurity services, led by students and mentors, to state and local agencies with limited resources.

60 Minutes – U.S. electric grid faces Russian and domestic threats

Bill Whitaker reports that a coordinated attack on a relatively small number of critical substations could plunge the U.S. into darkness.

Podcast – Cyber Sleuthing with Sherri Davidoff of Missoula, Montana’s LMG Security

A MIND BOGGLING conversation with cyber security sleuth Sherri Davidoff of Missoula’s LMG (Lake Missoula Group) Security.  There is even a recording of a real extortion demand.  Just so timely and eye opening. Everyone is at risk and Sherri tells us what to do to protect our identity and information.  Please Listen and Share!

A startup combines cybersecurity software and insurance for small businesses

By combining the two products, Stoïk hopes to offer SMEs peace of mind that they are fully-protected against a threat that is particularly acute for small businesses.

New Jersey Tightens Cybersecurity Rules for Water Systems

The recently passed legislation reinforces cybersecurity and reporting measures and requires water purveyors in the state to develop cybersecurity programs, policies, processes and procedures.

LMG Security – Top Threats of 2022 Webinar, Log4J Global Ripple Effects, and more

New Webinar: Top Threats of 2022
Also: Log4J Global Ripple Effects, Ensuring Actionable Risk Assessment Results, Software Patch Management, and more!

The Log4J Vulnerability Will Haunt the Internet for Years – How to Pronounce Log4j

Hundreds of millions of devices are likely affected.

Law enforcement warn of Big Sky “Spear Phishing” cyber-attacks

Spear phishing attacks can come in the form of emails, text messages, or voice calls. Spear phishing attacks may try to get you to reveal sensitive information or transfer money to illegitimate accounts.

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