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Texas ransomware attack shows what can happen when whole towns are targeted

It was the start of a steamy Friday two Augusts ago when Jason Whisler settled in for a working breakfast at the Coffee Ranch restaurant in the Texas Panhandle city of Borger. The most pressing agenda item for city officials that morning: planning for a country music concert and anniversary event.

Then Whisler’s phone rang. Borger’s computer system had been hacked.

What State Leaders Need to Know About Cybersecurity

A new training program is an opportunity for lawmakers and their staffs to get up to speed so that the policies they craft address the issue in ways that don’t harm the economy.

Montana Girls Cybersecurity Project – State of Montana Cybersecurity

The Montana Girls Cybersecurity Project informs and inspires girls in Montana to pursue careers in cybersecurity. The MGCP coordinates initiatives and organizes events to promote cybersecurity to girls in Montana.

Attn Gamers Everywhere! – Free Cybersecurity Game CyberStart Aims to Recruit and Train 25K Specialists by 2025

The National Cyber Scholarship Foundation (NCSF) is taking aim at the U.S.’s cybersecurity talent gap, with recently announced plans to turn out 25,000 high-level specialists by 2025 — and it’s relying on a free game to recruit.

Hey Gamers! – Qualify for the National Cyber Scholarship Competition through CyberStart America; an exciting gamified learning platform that will build and challenge your cybersecurity skills.

  Cybersecurity is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. The National Cyber Scholarship Foundation is working hard to address the current cyber skills shortage by developing and championing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals,…

Ransomware Hackers Demand $70 Million In Bitcoin, Claim Massive U.S. Attack As Biden Investigates Possible Russian Involvement

A group of Russian-speaking hackers have claimed responsibility for a massive ransomware attack over the holiday weekend that hit 200 U.S. firms and hundreds more worldwide, with the group demanding $70 million in bitcoin to restore the companies’ data in the latest debilitating cyberattack to hit the U.S. this year.

How REvil Ransomware Took Out Thousands of Business at Once

More details have come to light as to how the notorious hacking group pulled off its unprecedented attack.

A ‘Colossal’ Ransomware Attack Hits Hundreds Of U.S. Companies, A Security Firm Says

The REvil gang, a major Russian-speaking ransomware syndicate, appears to be behind the attack

Hackers are investing in each other’s operations—just like VCs invest in startups

Ransomware continues to grow more sophisticated and lucrative, and now security firm LIFARS says operators have built a Silicon Valley-like VC ecosystem.

6 Things Every Small Business Needs to Know About Ransomware Attacks

The majority of victims are smaller companies, and the impact can be devastating.