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Bitterroot College future depends on complicated state laws

The work could actually iron out a process for establishing other community colleges around the state.

Exploring New Research on Pre-K Outcomes

This Policy Brief analyzes 15 research studies on the effectiveness of pre-K outcomes in programs across the country and finds evidence of sustaining effects beyond kindergarten.

AAON donates $1.25M to Winifred, Montana Public Schools to honor founder Norman Asbjornson

Asbjornson attributes a large part of his success to his hometown, which has a population of less than 200.

The 2020 Public Service Academy is now fully online.

We are excited to offer high-quality training from experts in the field.

Tester to Senate Leadership: Schools Can’t Afford to Lose More Teachers & Workers

He also recently announced that the Montana Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund would receive more than $8.7 million in funding to bolster education in the state.

Tester: Effective Rural Broadband Development is Critical Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Senator advocates for broadband expansion and data mapping improvements in Montana’s underserved areas

Challenges abound for child care providers; senators signal support for additional aid

“As time has gone on, demand has definitely increased,”

Is it safe to come out of coronavirus lockdown? Check the sewer. – MSU researchers look to the sewers to monitor spread of COVID

“It’s the signature of a whole community,”

Smart thermometers could be the secret to reopening schools

The data allows parents to make more informed decisions about whether or not their kid should stay home from school even if they don’t have a fever.

Idaho cuts $99 million from the school budget. And another cut looms this summer.

Without the cuts, Idaho will not balance next year’s budget.