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Remote Work Professional Certificate Course – May – Online

The Remote Work Professional certificate program is a 1-month specialized course designed to equip workers and business owners with training needed to: find a job working remotely for a company, expand a business to serve customers remotely, and increase skill levels for people already working remotely.

You should have more friends of all ages

Intergenerational friendships make your life richer. Here’s how to cultivate them.

The Morality of Having Kids in a Burning, Drowning World

“It seems increasingly clear,” Crist continues, “that we are living in a time of radical destabilisation of life on Earth which complicates the act of bearing children in ways that society has yet to grapple with.”

University of Montana receives $12.3M National Institutes of Health contract for work on TB vaccine

Last month, the Missoula flagship announced UM and its research partners were awarded a five-year contract to develop a new “adjuvant” to be used with the TB vaccine.

License fees for Montana teachers slated to triple

The decision by the Board of Public Education to triple license fees for Montana teachers has a complex and political backstory, one involving new state software, a new state law and a months-long stalemate between top education leaders.

Philanthropists Invest in Rural Workforce Training Programs

A partnership with Oregon STEM and its Spark Oregon earn-and-learn initiative helped pay for KEITH Manufacturing to employ four local high school interns for the summer.

Release of College of Veterinary Medicine Feasibility Study in Great Falls – 12/5 – Great Falls

At the event you will hear from our consultants, Tripp Umbach, meet leadership from Roseman University and other partners interested in the future of Veterinary Medical Education in Montana.

The Power of Intentional Networking

Are you making the most of your network? In this Nano Tool for Leaders, Wharton’s Marissa King gives tips on how to leverage your contacts.

MT Acting Studio Introduces Partner Entity “Gilded Entertainment Presents” to Promote Montana Performing Artists

“The introduction of ‘Gilded Entertainment Presents’ is an exciting step forward for MT Acting Studio. This initiative aims to provide a platform for Montana’s performing artists, offering visibility, promotion, and opportunities for bookings at events across the state.”

UM to Recognize Montana Constitutional Delegate Mae Nan Ellingson with Honorary Doctorate

Ellingson, a two-time UM graduate, was the youngest delegate to the 1972 Constitutional Convention and one of 19 women out of 100 delegates to serve.