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What are the traits of an extraordinary leader? Give a rip.

The best leaders are those who are impatient to succeed, measure their progress against their own personal best and are pushed to excel by the setbacks they have faced, writes leadership coach Bill Treasurer. “You know you’re going to have to prove yourself to many others in the future — and you’re up to that challenge,” Treasurer writes.

TED Talk – The wheat field that could change the world

Crop physiologist Guntur V. Subbarao and his team have developed an antibiotic-infused strain of wheat that naturally combats harmful, fertilizer-eating bacteria — a “monster” contributor to climate change. Learn more about how this breakthrough could once again revolutionize agriculture, increasing crop yields and protecting our planet at the same time.

Biden-Harris Administration Announces Timeline for National High-Speed Internet Deployment

“The next eight weeks are critical for our federal efforts to connect the unconnected,” said Alan Davidson, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information. “The FCC’s upcoming challenge process is one of the best chances to ensure that we have accurate maps guiding us as we allocate major Internet for All awards in 2023. I urge every state and community that believes it can offer improvements to be part of this process so that we can deliver on the promise of affordable, reliable high-speed Internet service for everyone in America.”

Outside Magazine – The 50 Best Places to Work in 2022 – In Montana: #36. commonFont, #45. TOMIS Holdings, Inc.,

In a post-pandemic world, workers are demanding remote flexibility, more time off, and generous health benefits. These are the companies meeting that bar and more, while encouraging their employees to live an active lifestyle and allowing them to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

The Top Existential Threats to Entrepreneurship

America’s inability to solve a host of basic issues isn’t just making life hard for entrepreneurs–it’s killing their potential. Here, eight founders and CEOs sound off on the stopgaps they’ve adopted to get by.

Top Inflation Cause — 54% Corporations Robbing You

Nothing holds a candle to the inflation that is coming from corporations deciding to rob you.

60 Minutes – Social media’s role in America’s polarized political climate

Social media is a showcase of our anger; an analysis by the New York Times this fall found that online use of the phrase “civil war” has exploded.

Now, leading voices in academia and tech are saying that rather than simply reflecting the polarization in society, platforms like Facebook and Twitter are helping to create it.

Center for Humane Technology – Together we must Align Technology with Humanity’s Best Interests

Our social media environment is broken. Want a roadmap to help fix it?

Does your brand have a great story behind it? If so, tell it. – Montana’s ‘Tell Us Something’

Everything—faith, science, love—needs a story for people to find it plausible. No story, no sale.”

Spy High Mounts: a Montana company changing the way we use trail cameras – Mount them High.

The typical trail camera can only be hung as high as one’s arms can reach, leaving them susceptible to tampering whether it be by a person or animal, but Spy High Mounts from Montana is trying to change that.