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Lab-grown coffee cuts out the beans and deforestation

We’ve seen how lab-grown meats like rib-eye steaks, burgers or chicken tenders could help address the massive environmental costs associated with livestock production, and we’re now seeing some interesting possibilities emerge around one of the world’s most popular drinks – coffee.

Landmark study presents evidence Alzheimer’s disease begins in the liver

An impressive new study is presenting robust evidence showing the toxic proteins thought to be the cause of Alzheimer’s disease may be produced in the liver and travel through the blood before landing in the brain causing neuron damage.

Sodium acetate acts as a potential fountain of youth for aging bones

The newly published study demonstrates how certain changes compromise the performance of these stem cells as they age, but also shows how sodium acetate can be used to reinstate their ability to drive the development of new bone material.

Anti-aging drugs preserve spinal discs to target age-related back pain

Scientists have shown how so-called senolytic drugs that remove destructive senescent cells can prevent age-related deterioration of spinal discs, raising the prospect of a new opioid-free treatment for back pain in humans.

Ig Nobel Prize winners include scientists who cleared blocked noses with sex

Other winners suspended rhinos upside down in the air, and analysed bacteria in chewed gum.

Jeff Bezos Is Funding a Lab to Extend His Life

Can science cheat death?

MSU awarded $20 Million grant for quantum technology development

The foundry will assist those studying 2D materials for quantum technologies by creating tools to aid their research and infrastructure to facilitate the exchange of ideas across academia and industry.

Japanese scientists produce first 3D-bioprinted, marbled Wagyu beef

The world of lab-grown meats is fast filling with all kinds of tasty bites, from burgers, to chicken breasts, to a series of increasingly complex cuts of steak.

These 4 tech breakthroughs could help people live to 200 years old

Genetic engineering, regenerative medicine, wearables, and AI combine to form a powerful antidote to aging, writes venture capitalist Sergey Young.

Blood, brains and burgers: The future is lab-grown everything

Science fiction has long floated the idea of a device that can produce any kind of object one can imagine. Star Trek called it a replicator, while other writers have referred to it as a Santa Claus Machine.