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TechLink – Our experts top seven technology picks for January 2021

TechLink helps industry partners access and evaluate technology commercialization opportunities developed in federal research laboratories.

University of Wyoming researchers find way to convert coal to graphite using microwaves

The process uses relatively simple materials: a conventional microwave oven, copper foil and glass containers.

Fireside chat: critical Montana State University research supporting Montana – 1/21 – 6PM – Online

In this virtual fireside chat, Dr. Jason Carter and Jayne Morrow from MSU’s Office of Research, Economic Development and Graduate Education will discuss critical research efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic with a panel of highly distinguished faculty.

High-fidelity, long-distance teleportation paves way for quantum internet

A quantum internet would be much faster and more secure than the one you’re using right this second – and now such a network may be one step closer to reality.

C2M Beta and Blackfoot Communications Announce 3rd Cohort Open Application for Business Accelerator

C2M Beta is a technology accelerator partnering with startups and innovative corporations to create impact in the Rocky Mountain region.

7 Innovators in “AgeTech” To Pay Attention To

An aging population also presents many opportunities, and within the entrepreneur community there is a growing awareness of this.

Single gene therapy injection surprisingly boosts vision in both eyes

“We expected vision to improve in the eyes treated with the gene therapy vector only,” says study author Dr Yu-Wai-Man. “Rather unexpectedly, both eyes improved for 78 percent of patients in the trial following the same trajectory over two years of follow-up.”

Want a More Equitable Future? Empower Citizen Developers

By the end of this decade, we will have failed if the tech industry is the only beneficiary of tech intensity. Its purpose is the democratic ideal of opportunity for everyone.

This Scientist Believes Aging Is Optional

In his new book, ‘Lifespan,’ celebrated scientist David Sinclair lays out exactly why we age—and why he thinks we don’t have to

Biannually-injected hydrogel could keep glaucoma at bay

Presently, glaucoma is treated via daily-administered eye drops, surgery, or implanted devices – none of which are guaranteed to be successful. In the future, however, it’s possible that a twice-yearly injection could do the trick.