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Anti-aging gene therapy restores vision to mice with glaucoma

“If affirmed through further studies, these findings could be transformative for the care of age-related vision diseases like glaucoma and to the fields of biology and medical therapeutics for disease at large.”

NASA and INL are teaming up once again

After years of working with NASA’s Mars rover, Idaho National Laboratory is once again contributing to the design, manufacturing and testing of a nuclear power system in space.

Montana State University chemist Michael Mock developing catalysts for efficient energy storage

“Energy storage and conversion is central to sustainable energy applications and is one of the overarching research themes of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at MSU,”

Experimental cancer vaccine passes animal tests, moves to human trials

A new study describes the vaccine as producing complete responses in 90 percent of animals when combined with a second immunotherapy drug.

New material cleans copper and other specific heavy metals from wastewater with unmatched efficiency

Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have now produced a material they say can selectively capture specific heavy metals, and do so with unmatched speed and precision down to the atomic level.

Human ageing reversed in ‘Holy Grail’ study, scientists say

‘Ageing can, indeed, be targeted and reversed at the basic cellular-biological level,’ lead researcher says

Study offers “indisputable” link between Alzheimer’s and gut microbiome

Last year, Chinese authorities even approved a novel drug designed to treat the disease by modulating a person’s gut microbiome that became the first Alzheimer’s drug to reach the market in almost 20 years.

University of Wyoming carbon capture project enters third phase in Wyoming

A team of researchers at the University of Wyoming inched closer to achieving its goal of permanently storing millions of tons of carbon dioxide underground last month when it launched into phase three of the project.

Brain implant allows mind control of computers in first human trials

“It’s about re-training your brain to operate in a different way,” says O’Keefe. “It’s just concentration, but like riding a bike it becomes second nature.”

On the Horizon: New Unique Business Clusters Will Get Funded; Billions of Dollars of New Investment

Do a candid research and tech assessment of your region. Do you have unique capacity in one or more of these areas?