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Grow Your Business Here – Eureka, Montana’s Tobacco Valley Business Incubator

Where You Have Space to Grow and Play From Mountaintops

InBIA – A global network of incubators, accelerators, and other entrepreneurship centers

We are the go-to organization for business incubators, accelerators, coworking spaces, and other entrepreneurship support organizations who are dedicated to nurturing the unique startups in their communities.

Is Yours Included? – List of Startup Accelerators, Incubators, and Venture Capital Firms in Montana, USA

This list of incubators and accelerators in Montana, USA, is compiled by the team at IdeaGist Virtual Incubator to help people in finding support for their startup ideas.

Do You Realize How Much Big Tech Is Testing You?

When it comes to driving our decisions in a world of data, they say, “the age of experiments is only beginning.”

CTRL Labs thinks we’ll all control machines with our brains very soon

A goal of doing away with the familiar swipes and gestures, to be replaced with direct interface with the human brain.

Metal-infused lumber resists water and mold

US scientists are working on a greener alternative than pressure treating – giving the wood a shot of metal oxide.

How to unleash creativity on the world’s biggest problems, from Alphabet’s moonshot division

It’s no surprise that our creative muscles have atrophied.” The organization argues that solving the biggest global challenges requires something different than the standard, incremental corporate approach to innovation.

Engineered bacteria immunize bees against cause of colony collapse

Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin have engineered bacteria that can help bees fend off two of the main causes of CCD.

Immune cell which kills most cancers discovered by accident by British scientists in major breakthrough

The early results certainly suggest a diverse range of cancers could be susceptible, according to the study.

Smart contact lens gets closer to reality: A First Look

You may discreetly see your heart rate, glucose reading, a weather forecast, real-time translation or map. Or maybe the name and title of the person you’re about to run into.