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Move Your Ideas From Lab To Market To Maximize Impact

Business validation will be measured by the scientist’s ability to secure private investors or corporate partnerships. It is not necessarily measured by customer response or sales, because the research may not make it to the market for many years.

MATR Launches The Montana Community Map. Would you like to be the “Keeper” of your community?

What’s great about each Montana community and what’s happening to make it a truly wonderful place to live or visit like career and real estate opportunities, housing and broadband availability, child care facilities, social activities etc.

California teenager invents AI-powered tool for early wildfire detection

In any scenario where an environmental disaster can start from a high-risk location, our early detection and growth prediction platform can be utilized to help preserve the environment.

Nanohaven technology selected for SBIR Phase 1 innovation award!

The grant’s purpose is to develop and test a technology that will oxygenate nutrient-impaired water in off-grid settings.

Israeli Startup Produces Cultured Meat at Industry Scale in a World-First

It was just over a year ago that researchers had found out a novel way to make ‘alternate meat’ more appealing. The idea has taken rapid strides and we are now witnessing the first industrial-scale production facility for cultured meat.

Big Sky Economic Development begins renovation of new entrepreneur center Rock31 in Billings

“We’re 10 months away from opening a fresh set of doors into a new space for entrepreneurs to connect,” said BSED executive director Steve Arveschoug.

New plant-derived polymer could replace single-use plastics

The plant-based polymer film leaves no pollutants behind and breaks down naturally.

Video – How Brain Implants Will Revolutionize Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) experts are suggesting that learning may become obsolete in 20 years due to brain implants. Yes, you read that right: brain implants!

Have you heard about DNA methylation? Aging can be reversed (at least a little bit)

DNA methylation analysis revealed remarkable effects from a healthy lifestyle program implemented over just eight weeks.

Finnish wood foam could replace plastic in packaging

Researchers at Aalto University have utilized artificial intelligence to introduce wood-like properties to a bio-based material in a bid to develop a substitute for styrofoam and bubble wrap.