Incubators and R&D

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New CWD test developed in Hamilton, Montana’s TSE/Prion Biochemistry Section at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Labs in Hamilton.has potential for eventual use in the wild

Chronic wasting disease is an always fatal infection that afflicts deer, elk and moose.

MIT Media Lab chooses BioSuit inventor and Helena Capital High GradDava Newman as its new director

“I can’t wait to help write the next chapter of this uniquely creative, impactful, compassionate community.”

Senator Tester Pushes for Robust Resources for Military Research in First Hearing as Defense Chair

Chairman Tester: “when it comes to federal funding priorities, few things are more important than innovation and research”

Injectable gel found to help reinforce and resurface joint cartilage

In recent years, the acid has also been experimentally used to ward off glaucoma, heal damaged cardiac tissue, and refill herniated spinal discs.

60 Minutes – Military programs aiming to end pandemics forever

Bill Whitaker reports on the Pentagon projects that helped combat COVID-19 and may help end pandemics forever.

NASA provides $45 million boost to U.S. small businesses

Three-hundred and sixty five small business proposals were selected for SBIR and STTR programs based on technical merit and commercial potential, including six composite companies.

DOE Awards $110 Million to Small Businesses Pursuing Scientific, Clean Energy, and Climate Solutions

102 Projects Across America will Receive Seed Funding to Launch New Ideas to Market That Will Create Jobs

We Are Tremendously Close to Brain-Controlled Computers

This could change warfare forever.

Tired of reading glasses? Eye drop submitted for FDA approval may help you read without them.

The eye drops are a pilocarpine solution meant to treat the symptoms of presbyopia, which is an age-related condition that causes gradual loss of the eyes’ ability to focus on nearby objects, according to the Mayo Clinic.

How a 1960s discovery in Yellowstone National Park made millions of COVID-19 PCR tests possible

In 1964, the microbiologist was driving out West when he stopped to visit Yellowstone National Park. It was the first time he saw the park’s picturesque hot springs.