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Emergency Rental Assistance Program Expanded to Provide Relief for Families Experiencing Financial Hardship

“We are pleased to offer this kind of emergency assistance to Montanans who may be struggling to make ends meet in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Scott Osterman, Director of the Department of Commerce. “Thousands of Montanans have been struggling over the past couple of years, and we’re expanding our ERA eligibility to assist as many as we can.”

Bozeman, Montana – ‘Zoom towns’ spike in popularity, but not everyone is on board

With so many American companies allowing employees to do their jobs remotely, there’s been a migration from major cities to smaller, more rural areas. Those who are moving love the lower cost of living, but how do the area’s longtime residents feel? NBC’s Maggie Vespa reports in this week’s Sunday Spotlight on “Zoom towns” that popped up over the pandemic.

All-Wood Construction in Sweden Is Sustainable, High-Tech

A skyscraper built entirely from local timber not only reduces the amount of greenhouse gas-emitting construction materials, but also captures carbon from the atmosphere and uses AI to analyze its energy needs.

Home prices not cooling in western, central Montana, realtor group says

Median sales prices reached a record amount of $502,000, Darra Norgaard, president of the Montana Regional MLS, which covers the western and central parts of the state, told The Center Square. As recently as April 2021, the median price was $385,000, almost $100,000 more than compared to April 2020.

Even Deep-Pocketed Buyers Are Starting to Back Away From the U.S. Housing Market. But no, we’re not headed for anything even close to 2008.

If you’ve tried to buy a home in the past two years, you have my most profound sympathies. Your experience has probably gone something like this: You found your dream home online; sent photos around to your family; visited the premises (or decided to buy, sight unseen); got your financial statements in order; smartly offered 10 percent over asking; and learned, several hours later, that no fewer than 831 other people had bid for the same house, which sold to a couple who paid 50 percent over asking, all cash, and cinched the deal with a contract amendment promising to name their firstborn child after the seller.

Rents across U.S. rise above $2,000 a month for the first time ever

Rents are up more than 30% in Austin, Seattle, and Cincinnati. In Los Angeles the median asking rent is $3,400. Even in formerly affordable cities such as Nashville it’s now $2,140, up 32% from last year.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac take steps to make it easier to buy a home

In a historic move, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced changes to battle systemic racism that has blocked people of color from homeownership.

Have you faced a bidding war trying to rent an apartment?

Many people are facing the kind of intense competition usually only seen with buying houses.

Less Parking Could Mean More Housing

Citing environmental concerns and a lack of housing, an increasing number of cities and some West Coast states are reconsidering mandates that all homes, offices and businesses offer a minimum number of parking spots for residents, workers and customers.

More people are moving to areas with high risk of wildfire

The data shows that 1 in 6 US homes, or 30 million, are at risk of being involved in a wildfire in the next 30 years.

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