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Can Do: Addressing Montana’s childcare crisis with Heather Foster, CEO of the Missoula Family YMCA

Covid-19 exacerbated an already problematic situation, and disproportionately affected women, who were predominantly the ones who left the workforce to provide home care. Montana continues to struggle to provide access to affordable childcare, reflecting the nationwide trends.

Norman Maclean Literary Festival Nets Speakers to Discuss ‘Public Lands and Sacred Ground’ June 25-26 in Missoula

Maclean said that in his talk he’s decided to fling caution aside and tell the truth. In part, that means naming the people he thinks are standing in the way of protecting the Blackfoot. He said that, though the resonance of his father’s work and its subsequent film adaptation have strained the waterway, the two forces have also helped spur efforts to improve the health of the river, which at one point was so polluted that the younger Maclean refused to fish there.

Montana Working Lands Internship Program gives students an insight into ranch life

This summer, 4 college students will be working at multiple ranches throughout Montana to attain a better understanding of what ranch life is all about and possible credit toward their degree.

Bye, Zoom: This smart new app is the future of online meetings

Switchboard brings a whole new approach to remote teamwork—and makes familiar videoconferencing seem archaic in comparison.

Summer Childcare Grants Now Available! Apply by June 3rd!- Prospera Newsletter

These grants are for $1,500 & $2,500 and applications are open from May 20th – June 3rd.

Hamilton man offers class on electric vehicles at Bitterroot College

Dan Brandborg offered a friendly warning as his foot hovered over the acceleration pedal of his 2019 Tesla Model Y.

“You might want to put your head back against the headrest,” the Hamilton man said with a smile.

A first-time ride in an electric vehicle can offer a jolt to the uninitiated.

$1.1 billion Doerr Donation Will Create a Much Needed Climate School At Stanford

“We’ve got to be clear about the problem,” John Doerr stated. “I believe this is a problem of scale that needs far greater ambition, urgency, and excellence deployed against it.”

Great Falls schools are getting a dedicated fiber network

When the work is complete in the summer of 2022, the district office building will be able to provide network, internet, and phone service to all district buildings.

Trade schools continue to be in high demand

Job Service Great Falls manager Beth Schmidt stated, “Here locally, for our trades, entry level, general laborers, all the way to those highly skilled electricians, the plumbers, our pipe fitters, our welders, carpenters, they’re all in demand. It is a busy time for all of the trade folks, and they are needing every person they can get their hands on to make sure schools are being built, housing is being built, that renovations are being made to existing properties.”

Ideas for Funding Programs for New Women’s Club in Missoula Requested

The former club had 1600 members and most of them stated they would be interested in joining a new women’s club. They are open to partnering with appropriate organizations that can educate, support and provide assistance to women.

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